Pole-dancing, third world whore style

Written By bryanboy

Don’t ask.

I don’t know about you but I spent a grand total of 8 hours INSIDE the car today. SINCE WHEN DID IT TOOK 2 HOURS FROM GOD DAMN SHAW BOULEVARD TO MAKATI AVENUE??? Worst day in my entire life, EVER and all I wanted to do was buy a few things, do some last minute weekend/holiday errands and take photos for a little secret project that’s gonna be in New York, London, Milan and Paris — during fashion week — that is, if I got picked!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Flip bloggers whinge about the traffic situation. My butt was literally so SORE we had to stop in some unknown ghetto ass area in Makatoots in order for me to light up and stretch my limbs and my fat arse… and boy I had fun.

Pole Dancing

More pictures to follow. Y’all should have seen the look on the faces of all these street tramps right in front of me. All these boys cheered! Now… excuse my beauty. I need to wash my face, jerk off and email people.


  1. honestly, if you werent gay.. you’d look hot in a wifebeater. Who am I kidding? WORK IT BRYANBOY! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. :) You should’ve won that gayblog contest! You rock the third world!

  2. WOAH
    you look hot!
    hot hot hot!
    you should wear wife beaters more. you have a beautiful bod.

  3. hmmm how did you get so buff all of a sudden?
    are you doing something and not telling us?
    you’ve been going to the gym. i knew it! a buddy who works at insular life said he saw you daw at FF.

  4. ha ha ha!! oh my! i hope you have a video of this pole dancing of yours!! can’t wait to see it.

  5. BB darling. i mised ur blog. loved this foto, love what only u can do. does mayor binay know? haha.

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