Pleats Please Casino Jacket

Oh la love! This is quite possibly the most beautiful jacket I’ve seen in the longest time. I’ve been obsessing about it for 2 days now. Ladies, meet the Casino Night jacket (Pleats Please Issey Miyake). It comes in 3 colours: black, light gray and cherry.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake jacket, black
Pleats Please by Issey Miyake jacket, light gray, cherry
Casino Night jacket
Pleats Please Online Store (Japan) JP Yen 44,100 (approx. US$386)

My Japanese language skills are nonexistent so I can’t order the jacket from the Pleats Please online store. I’m so desperate so I called the New York boutique yesterday and spoke to this Filipina girl (surprise!) and she told me the jacket is available for US$595 — take note of the huge difference between the Japanese price vs  American price. I was gonna purchase it anyway but the lady told me they don’t ship overseas and they also don’t accept international payments so I can’t like pay for it on the phone and have one of my friends in NYC pick it up. My best bet is to have someone in New York buy it for me and then I’ll pay them back. Anyway… another friend told me I should contact the Tokyo store because they speak English so there. I’m gonna call them after Christmas and see what they have to say/if they can ship internationally. The jacket is nice, no?