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Obsession du Jour: Nicholas X Morley

I’ve been obsessed with all these chica Australian designers as of late. When you live in the third world where the weather is nothing but pure torture (though I can’t say that’s the case these days because it’s been raining every day for the past few weeks and I LOOOVE it!!), shopping Australian is the best antidote to the Fall/Winter shopping season in the west. There’s mayyyjah sales everywhere but do I really need another cashmere sweater? No. Do I really need another wool coat? No. But I need tees. I need tank tops. I need shorts. I need fun things I could wear in the third world with ease.

Australian designer Nicholas X Morley

Click click click!

Australian Designer Nicholas Morley Four Kilo Anti Hero t-shirt For those of you who don’t know, Nicholas Morley is an Australian designer based in Bali and Sydney. He founded the clothing line Buddhist Punk in 1999 (Natalia Vodianova is a fan) and participated in New York fashion week during the Spring/Summer 2005 collections. He ventured out on his own this year and launched the label "Nicholas X Morley".

I first heard of him when he made headlines in Australia earlier this year. He sent out models down the runway during Australian Fashion Week in Sydney wearing t-shirts with the words "Four Kilo Anti Hero" as a fashion statement against Schapelle Corby, an OZ girl who tried to smuggle 4 kilos of pot down in Indonesia. Corby got convicted and she, at least according to what I’ve read, tainted Australians’ reputation in Bali and affected the tourism trade.

Fast forward a few months and a little web surfing later, I found an online clothing shop based in Australia and ‘discovered’ some of his pieces for guys. Me likey likey!

I know, I know. Don’t ask. I don’t usually become obsessed with menswear pieces because hello, my figure cannot support the clothes but let me tell you one thing — you’d be surprised with the amount of men’s clothes in my closet. I’ve been secretly hoarding them over the years thinking one day I’m gonna wear them. A shirt here and there, a few pants, some neck ties, a few sweaters, whatever. When that day will come… I don’t know. Most menswear, even the smallest sizes, are far too large. For instance, I bought this light blue Miu Miu zip shirt about 6 years ago… old and never been used. If it weren’t for my Marc Jacobs video that I made last week that piece of garment would probably never see the light of day. If you watch that vid closely, you’ll see that the shirt is still too big for me and I had to attach a clip at the back so that it fits well (for the camera).

ANYWAY. Back to Nicholas. Duh.

I love his clothes because they look very easy to wear. I’m a t-shirt/tank type of person and y’all know from the start I find it extremely awkward to wear button-downs. I also like his prints. I think they’re very cool.

Nicholas Morley Spring/Summer 2008 Collection


Australian Designer Nicholas X Morley

I also love his shorts. I bet they will all look nice with my now-staple white Marc Jacobs gladiator boots.

Nicholas X Morley Shorts

From: Mint Australia’s Online Shop

Nicholas X Morley

Nicholas X Morley

There’s also something for the ladies/Team Vajayjay…

Nicholas X Morley

Most of Nicholas Morley’s garments are hand-made in Bali, Indonesia using traditional and experimental techniques. No two pieces are the same.

For more information about Nicholas X Morley, visit his website, His pieces are being sold throughout Australia and Japan. You can purchase Nicholas X Morley online via Mint Australia’s Online Shop ( or via Tuchuzy ( FYI though on Tuchuzy, I emailed them a few weeks ago whether they ship to the third world Philippines and I **NEVER** got a response back.

And there you have it. Bryanboy loves Nicholas X Morley! Coming up next… me in my own Nicholas X Morley pieces and some of my other Australian finds. Stay tuned.

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  1. If you like Nicholas, maybe you’ll love another Australian company – Material Boy?
    The clothes are sweet, similar to Nicholas but with more unique cuts . + The theme for this season is “Celebration of your inner gay” :P They sell it on too, I think

  2. Hmm… But we’re just two countries away from them… I hope they do respond BB so we would know if they ship here.
    Btw, glad you’re back to blogging about fashion Bryan. And yeah, I agree with most of the comments posted in your other post, you look better now. ^_^

  3. i’m living in bali … some stores here stocks a few morley’s stuff … so come on down here … the shopping here is amazing !

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