Mischa Barton – DUI, Drug Possession and Driving Without License!!!!

Written By bryanboy

Mischa Barton Busted – DUI!!!!

Say hello to the newest member of the celebrity DUI club. I really don’t understand why these bitches don’t have drivers. Why oh why oh why oh why can’t they be like the Olsen Twins? Or Naomi Campbell? Or Kate Moss? Hello! Driving is so pedestrian, if you know what I mean. To be quite honest, I would rather stay at the back of the car instead of driving!

"TMZ has confirmed that Mischa Barton has been arrested for DUI,
possession of illegal narcotics and driving without a valid license."

Mischa Barton Rap Sheet, DUI, Possession, Driving without license.

Hilarious. Can’t wait to see what Mischa Barton’s mugshot looks like. (Update – 4:08AM: I have the mugshot!! Will keep you posted in a bit.) Time to hook my fat ass on the webcam again. This is SO gonna be good. Just for your reference…

Click click click!

Mischa Barton busted for DUI; Lindsay Lohan DUI Mugshot

Mischa Barton busted for DUI; Nicole Richie DUI mugshot

Mischa Barton busted for DUI; Paris Hilton DUI mugshot

Need I say more?

Mischa Barton arrested for DUI, narcotics possession.


  1. LOL. lavet! can’t wait to see mischa’s mugshot. btw, yours are really hilarious. lots of love.

  2. i don’t get why this is a big deal. almost everyone in the US gets arrested for DUI.

  3. Melanie

    you are the best! by this time, with all the bloggers fever going, no one can ever surpass you! Witty, funny and even when you are dumbfounded, you still sound fabulous! I love bryanboy!

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