Marc Jacobs' Camel toe

Written By bryanboy

Marc Jacobs’ Camel toe

Holy camel toe batman! Nobody else can do it like Marc Jacobs does. Here’s a photo of Marc in a camel toe costume from his Christmas party last night. How, in god’s name, was he able to walk in that thing???? LOL.

Marc Jacobs Cameltoe Arabian Nights Christmas Party 2007

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I have no words.

Update 2:35AM: Isn’t Marc HOT or no? Sing after me: I can show you the world… SHINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDID!

Marc Jacobs Cameltoe Arabian Nights Christmas Party 2007

Donna Karan in a Vera Wang skirt is that chu? JK :P


  1. marc jacobs

    Walking wasn’t easy, but I had a great time…..good times were had by all! Wished you were there…..Maybe next year!!?? Lots of love, Marc.

  2. love you marc

    what was the theme of your party Marc?
    is see the original Street bag in the background.

  3. he must have been sweating underneath all that…
    john galliano’s got nothing on marc ROFLMAO

  4. Back when marc jacobs was all geeky looking and had long hair he was cute – now with the shaved head, questionably thin body – eh, not so much.

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