MAKE-UP KAILYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By bryanboy

MAKE-UP KAILYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First things first, a big shout out to my friend’s friends in Australia, Imee and Jong! There. I’ve said it. Do I get an LV bag this xmas? Jong? Are you reading this? Hahaha JK. I love the two of you and may your relationship last forever. Go forth and multiply you bitches!

Now, now. It’s very easy to look good these days. Everyone has means and ways to look cookie-cutter perfect.Oh who the hell am I kidding. What’s my excuse? LOL. IMO however, our flaws and imperfections makes us unique and special. Ladies, meet my latest internet discovery, the apple of my eye, Ms. Makeup Kailyn, 17 years old, of Bowie, Maryland, US of A!!!

Makeup Kailyn is not Tessa Prieto-Valdes
No, she’s not Tessa Prieto-Valdes for you third world people.

Kailyn makes these awesome beauty tips and make-up tutorial videos on YouTube . She’s a lovely, adorable sweet girl and I think she’s cool. Hella, I think she’s fierce. Someone hand her an internship in the big city QUICK, before her local beauty salon poaches her. Click click click to see more of the future Pat McGrath!


Watch her create her "violet & purple" look…

… and of course, the color of money, green and gold!!!!

Here’s a few more of her pictures…

Tessa Prieto-Valdes is that chu?

Makeup Kailyn

Makeup Kailyn


Makeup Kailyn

Makeup Kailyn

This is her boyfriend David. Ahhhhmazing! Even I don’t have a boyfriend.

But then again, supermodels like me are lonelier than you think so there.

Makeup Kailyn

Makeup Kailyn

Kailyn during summer time.

Makeup Kailyn

Kailyn bringing sexy back.

Makeup Kailyn

Isn’t Kailyn fierce and fabulous? Don’t go hating on her now. She’s fierce… YOU ARE NOT.

Kailyn is the future.

Celebrate the captivating beauty of Kailyn! Visit her YouTube channel today.

I love you all!


  1. I don’t know, BB. I viewed the first vid and the one thought that came to mind was “mating ritual”

  2. i dunno about this one, lol
    omg im so addicted to these make-up tutorial videos on YouTube lately that its gotten outta control, its not even funny
    couple of my favs:

  3. aaaaaay! matutuwa ang Imee and Jong! birthday pa naman ni Jong! hamo at sasabihan ko si Papa Jong na buylala ka ng LV! o! salamat, Bryanboy, mwah!

  4. OMG she is talking just like Mariah Carey. Did y’all notice? Soft and trying to be sexy… Yuck

  5. Keisha Boboo is flawless!! Kailyn is a dolla store whore, bitch cant afford no mac makeup, hell no lord jesus.

  6. Hehe she is just too cute and doing what she can with what she has, and when she is older and her braces come off she’ll be a lil hottie. U go grly.

  7. i think the girl has it. she’s brave enough and self-confident in what she’s doing and no matter what she loves it and there’s fire in her eyes – that is what important. i hope this kiddo will work hard and make it to vogue us or v.
    she’s a total freak as everyone of us who wants to make it to big fashion. didn’t anyone laugh of gareth pugh when he was a kid? we all are one-dollar-freaks. tres chic, non?
    thanks, bryanboy, and good luck to a golden girl!

  8. dudblankpathetic
    yes!!!! i love kailyn. she’s charming and adorable!!! i believe in her — that’s why i want her to be famous!

  9. I can’t believe she has the nerve to smile that much with teeth like that! lol. braces are supposed to help your teeth but it looks like they’re making her gaps wider!

  10. Hey Guys, It’s *kAiLyN.* THX for Ur Support it Rly means the world 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!
    THX xoxo

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