Lanvin High Tops for Sale

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin High Tops for Sale

[UPDATE: SOLD!!!!!!!]

You know, I’ve been obsessed with Lanvin’s men’s high-top sneakers for the longest time. I love the satin versions they did for fall 2007, the one in pink and blue but alas, you won’t find them anywhere now. Even her royal highness, Susie Bubble, loves them. One of my friends in the US is selling these Lanvin high-tops for US$650. They’re a size UK 7 (American/US 8 men’s), which is totally MY size. I would buy them in a heartbeat if they’re under $400 but at $650, they’re a little too pricey for me. These are soo hard to find and shame on my friend for buying these (probably) on sale and profiting from it hah!. Just kidding.

These are my dream shoes y’all!

Lanvin High Tops

Anyway, they’re brand new, unworn (just tried on), comes with the dust bag and a box. Email if you are interested.

PS. Why am I soo obsessed with shoes as of late? This is getting ridiculous.

PPSS. More pictures after the jump for those who are interested.

So gorgeous, no?

Lanvin High Tops

Lanvin High Tops

Lanvin High Tops


  1. M1LK you asshole! hahaha
    listen to me you profiteering piece of shit hahaha
    i would buy them in a heartbeat if you drop the price to less than $400.

  2. earl
    omg yes!!!!!!!! i LOVE creative recreations. in fact, i was gonna buy this copper/bronze/white high tops at barneys but my friend persuaded me not to because every hipster and their fanny in new york has em… and get common projects instead!
    i swear to god, all these shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes in my mind, it’s INSANE!!

  3. lanvinman

    The Lanvin store in Paris is full of them, in loads of colours too which you cannot get elsewhere. Otherwise they are quite hard to find tho.

  4. STILL AVAILABLE, unfortunately for me :o
    too many damn flakers PMing me
    “ok i wanna buy, whats ur paypal”
    “my paypal is
    *waits hours and hours*
    wtf windowshoppers

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