Karl Lagerfeld's Wisdom

Written By bryanboy

Karl Lagerfeld’s Wisdom

More quotable quotes from Karl Lagerfeld! Here’s Uncle Karl backstage (or is it rehearsal/fitting?) at the Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008 show in London. I love Karl. I really do. It’s amazing how he he’s able to answer questions in a snap of a finger.

"The best idea is always very basic and very stupid."
– Karl Lagerfeld

How does one stay in touch with youth?

"I’m not blind. I see everything. I’m over-informed. I read every magazine. So.. it’s normal. I mean, I don’t live in an Ivory Tower. I’m invisible but I’m informed."

But how do you maintain that?

"I don’t have to make an effort you know. HOW DO YOU BREATHE? Do you think about breathing? Ehh.. it’s the same thing you know. My job… is wanting to be informed, keeping informed. It’s like breathing."


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