Jason Preston

Written By bryanboy

A Message From Jason Preston…

The lovefest continues. It’s MJ and JP weekend, is it obvious?

Many things have been said offline and online about Jason Preston. Trust me — I’m one of them but I’m a reformed twat and I have finally seen the blinding light. While some are nice, most were unsavoury and unnecessary. Regardless of what everyone thinks, Jason is, no doubt, one of the main people who changed Marc Jacobs’ life (for the better) and he did so in more ways than one… and more than we spectators will ever know.


It’s true. And you know what? Love knows no boundaries…

Jason Preston and Marc Jacobs

… and speaking of boundaries, geography is no boundary when it comes to Bryanboy’s faggotry!

Remember when Perez called my voice mail up? Well, Jason popped by my 24-hour voice mail line. Christmas is just around the corner and the presents from around the world are pouring in! He’s totally sweet!

Well, what do you think?

I love you all!

PS. As always, y’all can leave me messages too. I’ll post the best ones on my website. Just call +1.206.666.3156. That’s in the USA, fyi. Enjoy!


  1. fuchsiaboy

    he seemed so sweet! people just other people harshly. i hope people give them a break.

  2. Hi Bryanreally loved the vid about MJ…
    really cool.
    i really loved the soundtrack that u put on it…that Daft Punk mix…
    i was wondering if u would be nice enough to give me the link or something where i can found or download that song wich i think it comes from a LV fashion show!
    hope u can
    PS: I got the balenciaga FW2007 soundtrack wich i think it’s u’re next Karl Lagerfeld…i like them…u can’t normalize hit!
    Lots of Love from Chile B!

  3. don’t know if my comment got through.
    but anyway i’m really happy for you. i’m a designer myself and i would have died of happiness. how exciting!!!! i think it’s amazing how he has watched your video, and i’m really excited for you!!

  4. if you get excited over such a message, then i don’t think you have much of a life!
    my post office leaves me more interesting and heart-felt messages on my machine.
    so did jason invite you to the set of his latest bareback porn shoot?

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