God I love this man. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again, Isaac Mizrahi (and Unzipped) is one of the reasons why I became obsessed with fashion. I was 8 years old when Unzipped came out! Isaac is so iconic, he’s so adorable and I love, love, love, LOVE him!

Here’s a promo vid of Isaac whoring his upcoming website, He’s launching it on February 1 next year. He’s gonna show you how to make your ass smaller. He’s gonna show you how to get a husband. He’s gonna show you how to pay your mortgage. Yes! HE’S GONNA SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY! Hahaha! Dontcha just love it? Team Isaac all the way, baby!

Hmmm… I’m just curious, I wonder what he would look like if someone gave him an extreme makeover like Marc. What do you think?

I love you Isaac!

PS. YES I want my ass smaller! YES I want to find a husband! YES I want to make more money.