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I don’t know whether you remember Jimmy…

Man oh man how fast time flies. Looks like Jimmy gave himself a makeover. Now this… this, my friends, is why you should love fat festively plump people because you simply don’t know what they are capable of. Are you ready?

Click click click!


Just kidding. Proof his hard work paid off!!!


How do you feel about this?


  1. I think he looked better before.. well atleast his face. Does that expressions comes with weight changes? hahah

  2. volkswagnsex

    he has abs… but he’s too thin…. and he looked older… bu the abs nice…. maybe he should gain a bit of weight

  3. i want that body :))) please bryan, ask him how he did it and reveal to us his secret :)))

  4. YUM!! thanks for posting the pics, he looks so hot now and just goes to prove that a little hard work gets results!! I am going to use those pics for inspiration to improve myself in 2008! much love tim from the UK XOXO

  5. he was waaay cuter before for some reason. He looked more charming. I don’t mind the fat. He was cute.
    Now yeah he does have a nice bod. but nothing special.

  6. oh my. the abs are killer.
    he needs good light. he looked older in the new picture. I’m sure it’s just the light and I’m sure he’s hotter up close.

  7. fashionistah

    hmmm… he had a very fu*kable face before, cuddly and sweet. now with tight abs and all, very good to look at, but i miss the cutie face…

  8. Take it easy on the excercise and fill out a little, and that people would be a sexy man. Very handsome, weight/body factor aside.

  9. william

    He wasn’t fat before, but he certainly looks AMAZING now. So cute!

  10. OMG! he was cute when he was “fat” but he’s flawless now….yummy! pass my email along lol.

  11. lesinthecitey!

    holy crap!!! amazing transformation. BB, ask him how he did this! it’s inspiring!

  12. Wow amazing nice abs, Im getting jealous boy I am fat (kinda), Im am lazy doing simple fu*k exercise or going gym hahahaha… I dont have time and effort lolz! Maybe there’s a solution “lypo!” hahahahaha lolz
    Hmm… But I love when he was a fat guy before very huggable and cute ^_^!

  13. yes, he was hotter when we was a little…bigger. bigger guys are like teddy bears. they’re huggable. (^_^)
    though, i still go for chinese/filipino-chinese/chinese-canadian guys. (^_^)
    my friends and i have been reading your blog for years. but this is the first time i’m posting a comment on your site. (^_^) keep it up up up.

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