Happy Holidays!

Written By bryanboy

Happy Holidays!

Yes I know. I have 138 new messages on my cellphone from people around the world with their greetings and well-wishes. It’s THAT time of the year when people reach out with their silly messages for the sake of "reaching out". WHERE WERE YOU BETWEEN JANUARY – NOVEMBER? LOL. Just kidding.

Happy Holidays from Bryanboy, planet earth's favorite third world fag!

I would like to wish y’all a festive and joyous holiday season. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting my blog… and for giving me the attention I crave and deserve (NOT gonna deny it… oh hell yeahhhhhhhhhhh!) in the past year. Being me is a full-time job!

I love each and every single one of you and I wish you the best of health and happiness for 2008.

Once again, thank you for keeping the faggotry alive.

I love you all!

PS. If you are reading this message on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, I have one thing to say: WELCOME TO THE PEOPLE-WITH-NO-LIVES-SO-WE-GO-ONLINE-DURING-THE-HOLIDAYS CLUB! Hahahaha ;)

Now if you excuse me I have major baking to do.


  1. Aku mengucapkan kau selamat hari natal dari Singapura, Brian!!!
    To every soul who don’t understand the language, here you go honey.
    “Merry Christmas from Singapore, Brian!!!”

  2. Happy Xmas……u`re getting more and more fab with each year….hope you surprise Santa in one of the floral Balenciaga outfits from the Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection…..muah….greetings from Toronto

    Well Bryan, sometimes, like text messages, we would like to greet people through email or blogs too. :p
    And Fauzi, I’m guessing if you’re Malay and I only understood the “Singapura” part. Anyway… Merry Christmas to us all!

  4. Merry Christmas BB! Thanks for the rolicking fun, for the uber fab fashion and for keeping the faggotry alive (whatever that is)!

  5. Hey there Mr. BryanBoy!
    Happy Holidays and happy baking, turning into a housewife extraordinaire already? *lol* Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I made you my iCandy of the Week #9 on my blog. It’s mostly German, but I just summed up how much I respect the hard work you put into your blog and your character, BryanBoy. You can ckeck it out here: http://stylebitch.wordpress.com/2007/12/24/icandy-of-the-week-9-bryanboy/
    Keep up the marvelous work, dear, coz fashion rulez – and so does gay blogging ;-)
    Toodles, yours truely.
    stylebitch (from Hamburg, Germany)

  6. Mich Dulce

    Hi Brianna,
    nice hat! hehe. it looks so good on you!! i wore the black one to my hat exhibit WHICH YOU DID NOT ATTEND because you were too busy with Marc Jacobs…sigh, because im just a stupid little third world designer… haaaaaay. hahahaha. Like i said, i’d trade him for me too! hahaha.
    Hope you’re having a good xmas and wish you were here in shanghai!
    Lets pictionary like crazy when i get back, you still haven’t done my idea! it will be so funny!!!!
    ps i went to MJ here and i felt like this weird bizarre connection. I started to channel the secret and in my heart i felt that i am destined to work for marc!!!!!! LOL. this is all your fault!!! Its krazileh!!!! I even bought a freakin clip with his name on it thinking, shit, if i have Marc’s name on my head next to my brain maybe i will channel his spirit and the universe will bring us together. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH FUCK DREAM DREAM DREAM!!

  7. I don’t really want to indulge you, but you look pretty cute in that picture. You look more feminine than any of the fatties around here. :)

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