Fourth Place???

Written By bryanboy

Fourth Place???

What, what, what? Well, it’s back to "normal" for me now. No more Gay Bloggies hoo haa from me.  Apparently I got the least number of votes — or should I say the MOST number of thumbs down because I’m a mean gurl — they won’t tell. Hahahaha! It’s alright. Losing ain’t bad… there’s always next year!

I don’t know what tricks those girls are up to but to the rest of the contestants, may the best man win!


  1. oh fuck those loose homely cunts!
    you’re still the prettiest bitch blogger that ever lived bryanboy!! fuck the haters!!!

  2. Rigged!!! There is no way that those boring forgettable lame-o’s even come close! They ganged up on you or conspired against you, thats the only explanation for this crime against all that is good and gay!

  3. OMG I can’t believe you got booted out. I voted for you and thumbed down the rest from the start.
    EL goa is right, they so conspired against you this time, you weren’t even in the bottom 3 at all in the past challenges.
    Well whatever. They weren’t the ones who got a call from THE Marc Jacobs. You’re still the winner for me – the gayest, funniest and most entertaining gay guy in the face of the earth.

  4. what? you got booted out? is the COMELEC involved in this contest? darn it. well– you’ve got a lot of great things going on. what’s getting the boot at the gay bloggies right? still luv u BB!

  5. Hey BB, quite sad that you got booted out. But hey i suppose even in the gay kingdom — there’s what you call an ESTABLISHMENT. You my dear, who’s the gayest, truest, most talented of them all — well, there’s always a next time. Here’s to a rebel yell: TO US YOU’RE THE TRUE WINNER, so stay happy and motivated and pretty, and funny! Fuck those bores! None of them could even write as well as you do!

  6. new bryanboy fan

    I’m actually a fan of one of the other contestants, but I was utterly shocked to see that you got the boot! I had you pegged to win the whole thing, and I agree that if you got the “lowest” amount of votes that it was someone else’s rabid fans having their guns out for you.

  7. what kind of scum sucking road whore those contestants are? god, what kind of taste do they possess?
    the tacos, kleenex, etc… my god, your entries are unique and not boring unlike other contesants there.. oh well..
    at least you managed to be the 4th placer. Its bad i know, but no worries, you’re still the gayest gay who sweats glitters. so what for the gaybloggies?! lol

  8. IMHO you are the REAL winner..your blog is by far the best!! And besides, you are way sexier than those other losers!!!
    so, Hail to the REAL victor!!

  9. it’s not who writes the best blogs, but who is the best-liked, with the most number of fans, who wins.

  10. it’s not who writes the best blogs, but who is the best-liked, with the most number of fans, who wins.

  11. well, you know, at least you got to participate in the gaybloggies. if not for them, you wouldn’t have been motivated to create that marc jacobs video, and you wouldn’t have made contact with marc himself.
    I think that fact alone is waaaay better than winning the contest.

  12. Hey I was hoping u would WIN! :( but still i think it was an awesome challenge and think u brought humor and hilarity to the contest like no other! Ur a true star BB and Im sure u gained a lot of new fans n readers – ur definetly one of the most entertaining and original bloggers around – jus wanted to say its great u were in the comp and got so far (but hey WIN next year k?) :) JJ xxx

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