Does have new interns?

Written By bryanboy

Does have new interns?

God dammit HIRE ME! I love I really do. From runway and backstage photos to models and celebrities, is the ultimate online repository of all things fashion. Have you seen the photos of Chanel’s Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008 show? It’s all about mixed identities my dear. Someone’s got their model names fucked up to the nines and a few fash fags caught them dead on the tracks — and took screen shots. They fixed the tags and everything but come on… Agyness Deyn is that chu?

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008


I don’t know about you but I can spot the difference between Sasha and Gemma or Agyness and Irina 12,000 miles away, blindfolded. AND IN THE DARK. Oohhhh I can feel it. There’s a baby jesus and an intern crying somewhere as I’m typing this. Just kiddin. :-)

Click click click!

Well hello there, Agyness!

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008

Han Jin Chin Chan Chong Jimmy Choo is that chu? Remember sweetie dahlin… mixed race babies are the Chanel of babies!

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008

Will the real Michaela please stand up!

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008

Not you darling. Will the real Iekeliene Stange please stand up?

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008

Oh so THAT’S what Snejana looks like with 40 more pounds…

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008

It’s funny how they threw the exotic name to the exotic-looking girl. Jessica I-am-not-Latina Alba is that chu?

Chanel Paris-London Pre-Fall 2008

And there you have it. I **LOVE** Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2008 collection. It’s soo sophisticated and chica as always. I also love the little ode to Amy Winehouse and her beehive!

Anyway, we all make mistakes one way or another so let’s put this behind us. I had one heck of a good laugh though.

Gemma Ward or Sasha Pivovarova

See for yourself.

Enough said.


  1. Mr.Vanko

    How insulting to my Snejana, its a real tragedy. The Gemma/Sasha one is very funny, what kind of dumbass working there doesnt know models.

  2. Arthur Natividad

    I honestly think that you are a cancer to society. You are so amazingly gay, even gay people would say, “Tangina ang bading mo!” Seriously, for the sake that you still have a penis, act more like a man, just a tad, OK? You are the type of faggot that gives faggots a really bad name. If you seriously can’t follow what your male hormones dictate to you, then I suggest you cut off your dick right now. It’s useless anyway. And by the way, your ass is only for taking a shit. NOT FOR PUTTING DICKS UP IT.

  3. camille 25

    Hello Bryan boy,
    Just want to share to all my fellow filipinos that there is one single pinoy that is shaking the blogosphere his name is jerald ( and he is in the running to become the First Expressmen. Please let us help him win the title. He is competing among famous male models from london, sweden, hollywood actors, famous US models, he is only one of the 2 asians that is ever featured on the site. let us prove to the world that Philippines is the land of the most beautiful people and yes even in the male modeling world where in the states it is hard to break, for the first time a filipino is stirring up the industry, many are afraid that he will win the title, this is the first that a philippine will win the biggest competition and most fabulous male modeling competition. so let us help our kababayan. thank you bryan.

  4. They’ve changed it now!
    It would be great if Anna was dishing it out to some unfortunate intern who made the mistake, Devil Wears Prada style!

  5. IVN, wtf are you talking about? Bruna’s Brazilian?! that’s LATINA right?

  6. nya_ha_ha_ha

    well arthur i guess you are one of the most pathetic and bitter person that ever lived.. why, i see you don’t know how to use your penis either..
    i mean bryan is just being himself. being a faggot in all his glory! back off and away from this site. why do you bother to be here anyway?

  7. arthur, i agree with you only up to the point where you start to say: “if you seriously….”. BB has a right to be what he is, annoying as he is. and you have no right to tell a person and his hormones how to behave. and esp what a person chooses to do with various parts of his anatomy. are you some kind of bigot or fundamentalist?
    BB is hardly my fave person in the world, but we ought to accept diversity and the fact that not everyone is as ‘perfect’ and ‘together’ as you are.

  8. I noticed that Gemma Chanel tennis racquet photo in Sasha’s pages some time ago, it’s been up for at least a couple of months, most likely more…I am really surprised no one has fixed it yet. What’s funny is I found that mistake when I was looking for pics of Sasha and Gemma to show people how in photos from about a year ago, at certain angles, they really *do* look quite similar.

  9. lmao Han Jin is freakin KOREAN.
    How can they get an Asian girl mixed up with a caucasian girl? :s

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