Derek & Romaine Show

Written By bryanboy

Derek & Romaine Show

Bryanboy makes a guest appearance on Derek & Romaine’s radio show. If you have trouble watching the video (it’s just 1 picture with audio) or in the event pop-up ads prevent you from watching the vid in its entirety then click here to go to Revver’s page.

Sirius Satellite Radio (USA)
OutQ 109
December 6, 2007 9:05PM EST


  1. Lloyd's of London

    What’s the deal with your screeching valley girl accent and the use of “Like” and “I don’t know” excessively?!
    Vibrating cock rings!? Hot!

  2. Cameron.

    There disgusting.
    your amazing bryan :)
    and im sure that you took there “mocks” as compliments.
    i.e “you look like a twelve year old girl”

  3. cameron when a show of some sort talks about vibrators exploding all over the place, you don’t have the choice but to take it with a grain of salt. ;)

  4. romaine is rediculous. she had zero energy and made that interview painful. i hate people who play the depressed card.
    bryanboy you rock!

  5. Come to think of it, you do sound like a fifteen year old from the Valley. You’ll feel right at home there. That’s where most porn shoots are produced.

  6. *Ugh* these two are the absolute worst! I was this close to stop listening to this interview but for the love of you Bryan, I didn’t. You are the best BB! Much love to you sweetie!

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