Amen to that, sister!

Written By bryanboy

Amen to that, sister!

I know. Of course I am a clown. Right from the start I’ve always said I’m a one-man circus. What do you expect? We’re ALMOST there. There’s only four (that’s 4) of us left and another one is saying goodbye tomorrow. I don’t want to be that bitch. I have to win this thing! The haters are now in full-force it’s hilarious! The other contestants’ haters are nothing compared to mine. In fact, one of my haters spent so much time and effort in expressing his thoughts — that I have to give it to him.

Larry Craig Gay Bloggies

Why do I have a feeling that person is a catholic gay gay republican? Larry Craig is that chu? The gay community struggles acceptance because there are dirty filthy faggots (such as yourself) who are also struggling accepting OTHERS. Live and let live asswipe and then you’ll find others who will accept you regardless of your quirks. That’s my motto. Team Sissyfication!

Click here to vote for me because the third world, regardless of its flaws, is still one of those few places in the world where one could have a little bit of fun and be themselves blah blah blah. It may not be the best city in the world but it’s still a fun place to visit.

Click here to vote against Frank who has a Mexican food obsession. (He’s the #1 guy, in my opinion, to beat.)
Click here to vote against Fausto. I mean come on. YAWN!
Click here to vote against Craig. UNDERWEAR? GAY PORN? KLEENEX? HELLO!

As always, thank you so much my dear minions. We’re almost there! The sweet scent of winning is oh so near I could smell it.

I love you all!


  1. fuchsiaboy

    i don’t get it when people ask for acceptance when they themselves can’t accept the myriad and diverse personalities in our planet. i mean what is wrong with the bags, the fashion and the heels? it’s all superficial. i guess people who get extremely ballistic with such things have nothing better to do. and there’s so much hate to it. you give love, you get love. you give hate, you get hate. it’s karma you know.
    hope you win. i voted for you every round simply because i find you funny and honest at the same time. i mean it’s gay bloggies and it’s supposed to be a big deal but it’s also supposed to be fun. the others are taking it too seriously! yuck!

  2. ms third world,
    i totally agree!
    those fags are just jealous!
    what i really love about you is your spirit and you’re not afraid of of what others will say. well, you really are the gayest of them all
    bb for the win!

  3. the haters are really into it! LOL… those patheticas
    well what can i say…. POWER IS NEVER WITHOUT HATE.
    BB for the muther effin’ win!!!!

  4. That guy’s comment is simply atrocious. His lack of fashion sense is unacceptable.
    I am also an on and off tranny- depending on my mood but most of the time in Paris, although I’m in a men’s suit, people call me Madame anyway.
    Team Sissification

  5. how can i be part of Team Bryan? :-)
    I like this post a lot.
    Some people are so immature.

  6. MELBOURNE loves you Bryan! (not Perth, thats my name) lol
    fags here ask me and when i tell them Im Filipino, they’ll asking if i know you. it happened 3 times already!
    Im proud of your sarcastic-sissyfication-turned-fabulous ways!

  7. I think bryanboy is sick, as in sick mentally and physically. if you read his previous entries, he glorified anorexia and made fun of anorexic people. Not only that, he also used hiv/aids look like not a serious issue in the gay community. He called other gays HIV twinks or AIDS infested fags. I find no humor in suck kind of attention-whoring. There are just things that one should refrain from making fun of. It is obvious to me that he is anorexic and hiv positive, that’s why he is deflecting the same health issues to other people he only know or met through the internet. You americans and europeans find him interesting because he is an outrageous fag from a third-world country. he is no different to a monkey in a zoo. Uneducated flips like bryanboy, whose upbringing, bearing, and culture/manners are in question, do not deserve media attention. If you want self-hate, just look at bryanboy; he is the epitome of homophobia in the gay community but gay men themselves. There are other gay filipinos who are way better than him, richer than him, more educated than him, more cultured than him, more well-mannered. You people should know that he does not represent any class or group of individuals in the philippines. His usual reason that he should not be taken seriously because his blogging is pure humor. humor, my foot. He is serious with his blogging. he does not sleeps for nights just to blog-whore himself. you call that humor? he begs for donation through amazon. Dollars are not play money. He is trying to be hired by some fashion line, mag or company to work for positions i don’t know. he has no talent, no skill, and no personality. His IQ must be less than the room temperature; his kind should not be glorified. his life is a joke. he should be laughed at and forgotten. we have enough of paris hilton’s in the world. the differences between paris and bryanboy? Paris is rich, while bryanboy is poor. Megalomaniac people like him think they are all that but the truth is they have nothing. Every thumb up he gets, he thinks people love him or he has done something great. well, he is no hilton, no paris, and he will never be a paris hilton. I am just sick of people like bryanboy whose mediocrity is praised and used to define other people. he is a unique case because he is a nutcase and he is from lalaland.

  8. This is entertainment…and girl, you make me laugh so you’re doing your job. Keep up the good job. PLUS…have you seen the other blogs? BOOORING.
    Chicago loves you too betch.

  9. say what you will about bryanboy, but you can’t deny that he has a certain presence. i might not agree with what he says sometimes, or squirm from his over the top antics, but i think he adds diversity and fun to the gay community.

  10. i voted every other contested with a thumbs down. all except for you, lovely bryanboy. they’re all…mmm, how do you say?…so…boring. and you my dear, you are the one piece of ass that lights up the stage in rainbow colors. if you don’t win…i will personally humiliate and stalk every single person that gave you a thumbs down. I WILL!

  11. Bryan, you are the reason that the gay community IS GAINING acceptance! Because you’re not afraid of showing the world whom you are – and people respect that (except narrow minded republicans perhaps).
    A freak? Sure you are. Thank God for that. What an awful boring place the world would be if we were all normal. Normal boring people, thinking the same normal boring thoughts, doing the same normal boring things. YAWN!
    Keep being you Bryan.
    Thumbs fucking UP!

  12. All we can do is be ourselves, how can someone else that is gay not understand that?
    Besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing bags or looking fabulous.

  13. oh just relax! u already won.
    and to the guy that wrote that, how do i say it? let me think.
    yeah this is it:
    andate a la puta que te re mil parió, pelotudo, homofóbico de mierda, closeteado hasta los huevos.
    that was freaking 3rd world speaking.
    u rock bryan!
    i´m so voting u. i don´t even read the other guys entries.

  14. F*ck him. The gay community is made up of all types of people. Its all about acceptance and opening your mind. You do what you want.

  15. here we witness what i call “internal descrimination”
    we can’t accept male homosexuality and extend the acceptance only to a particular group…
    it’s like saying “i accept the theory of evolutions but only the the monkeys evolved”
    it’s sad that most gay men are guilty of descriminating their own sisters
    a big thumbs up from Papua New Guinea!!!

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