12 Gays of Christmas

Written By bryanboy

12 Gays of Christmas

Did you buy a copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer today? I was asked by the team at Super how I’m gonna make my Christmas a little more gay…

"To spice things up this year, I’m going to put my baking skills to the test and make cute sugar cookies! Be it a handbag, a fragrance bottle (Chanel No. 5, anyone) or something that rhymes with a sock, nifty confections, shaped, cut and decorated with colourful icing is a sure-fire way to celebrate your inner fag! Y’all know what they say — the only way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. I agree!"
– Bryanboy
Professional Online Entertainer

They were gonna put "Blog Queen" as my title but we all know I’m no blog queen so I suggested "Professional Online Attention Whore". And then I thought nah, that’s too much, so I told them to use "Professional Online Entertainer" instead. Don’t you just love it?

People: so what do you do for a living?
Me: oh, I’m a professional online attention whore.



  1. oh please
    put YOUR baking skills to the test
    or YOUR maid’s baking skills to the test?
    i cannot imagine you doing household chores you spoiled rotten piece of shit

  2. Is “Super” the new section of Mister Tim Yap ? Isn’t it ? ha ha ha… I know what I mean, and you know Bryanboy what I mean…
    Anyway : je te souhaite un très joyeux Noël depuis Paris. Kiss.

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