V Magazine Halloween Party

Written By bryanboy

V Magazine Halloween Party

The duo behind the infamous Socialite Rank scandale that rocked NYC’s high society earlier this year, my long-lost Russian siblings Valentine and Olga Rei, emailed me a couple of pics from the recent V Magazine Halloween Party. I’m sure y’all know that these guys are responsible for propelling Oliva Palermo into the spotlight. I LOOOOVE!!!!!

Valentine and Olga Rei, V Magazine Halloween Party

Stephen Gan! Gemma Ward! Click click click!

Olga Rei, Gemma Ward, Stephen Gan, V Magazine Halloween Party

Olga Rei, Gemma Ward, Stephen Gan, V Magazine Halloween Party

Fill in the blanks: Gemma Ward is ___________________.

JD Ferguson also went to the party as a tennis player. Bitch should’ve worn heels!!

JD Ferguson, V Magazine Halloween Party


  1. Gemma now has the same body type as you: ‘hamburger skinny’. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a lot of her in magazines anymore. She looks like Goldie Hawn now, maybe she will break into Hollywood now. I want to see a lesbian slasher flick with Gemma Ward and Paris Hilton.

  2. oh well: what in the world is ‘hamburger skinny’ and why do you say that we won’t see much of Gemma in the mags??

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