Ugly Betty Season 2

It’s been quite awhile since I did one of those all-night, non-stop, undisrupted "should I pause and go to the toilets to pee or should I hold it in" marathons but I did it. It’s 9AM, I just spent the entire night watching all the Ugly Betty Season 2 episodes on iTunes. Dammit, I should’ve bought a season pass instead of buying them individually.

Ugly Betty Season 2 on iTunes

I’m turning into one of them disgusting couch potato whores but instead of pigging out in front of the TV, I’m here on my bed, with my laptop, freezing from airconditioning with food crust all over my bedsheets.

QUACK! Gio is *so* my favourite Ugly Betty character. I want to see more of him. You know, Gio and Betty’s chemistry reminds me of my relationships with my ex-cess-es. There’s always the bitching and the fighting and the teasing and the
petty little hoo-ha but in the end, there’s something deeper in there.

Oh who am I kidding. That’s me right there! I’m the nagging bitch and
to be honest, I am sick and tired of meeting all these dull, soft guys
yaddi yaddi yadda. I want to be nagged for a change.

Ugly Betty Season 2 Gio Quack

There’s something attractive with Gio. Not in a physical/sexual
sense but his attitude, personality and aggressiveness. Duh. He’s so
not my type. he’s fat, he’s a midget and I only like guys 5’11 and

One more episode to go (still downloading) and I’m gonna get out of this rut, I promise. I’ll shower, catch up with my beauty sleep and everything should be back to normal because tomorrow I’m going shopping (or get my hair dyed blond… for real), put those sheer pants to good use and I’m gonna camwhore!

Hang in there! I’m a fat old cow and I’m entitled to moments of solitude from time to time. I have gained so much weight these days I’m no longer a skeletor and hopefully, my docs should shut their trap the next time they see m.