Third World Post Office Sucks

OMG! You would *never* believe what happened to me today. The third world postal system is clearly one of the most disgusting government entity on the face of the planet. You think corruption only exists at the top? Please. The bottom-feeders who work at the post office should be shot at the back of their skulls.

So basically, I sent someone to pick up my packages from eBay at the post office. I bought all sorts of cheap shit from belts and hats to shoes and bracelets. Loads of accessories. Anyway, on one of the auctions, I won this lot of nine (9) bracelets however, when my messenger arrived, I only saw 3 bracelets in the package.

Punk Bracelets

I was going to write this long scathing email how I got scammed by the seller only to be told by my messenger that the post office took 6 of my bracelets — the one with spikes. Apparently they think of it as a dangerous threat/weapons and the lady had to confirm it with her boss whether or not they’re gonna release them and they’ll notify me by phone.

Punk Bracelets

Punk Bracelets

What the hell? How can these bracelets be deemed dangerous? I honestly don’t get it. And the whores had the nerve to charge me $40 in duties and taxes for this lot, twice the amount I paid for.

I’m telling y’all, the fuckers at Las Pinas post office should be shot. I don’t even understand why that post office handles our packages when there’s another post office nearby (Alabang) who should be handling our packages. God damn I loathe them damn minimum waging corrupt peasants. I really do.

You know, this sort of shit never happens in other countries. In fact, packages are delivered right in people’s doorstep too. You simply don’t go to the post office to claim your packages. Ugh.

Welcome to the third world, I guess.