The Neck.

Written By bryanboy

The Neck.

Didja know that a huge chunk of web blogs written by young Swedish males are related to fashion? It’s not just team vajayjay who are blogging about clothes but the guys do it too. I’m currently bloghopping and found this "Will and Grace"-style blog run by two folks — a gay guy and his fag hag. They post pictures of their outfits blah blah blah. Forget his obsession with colourful socks. The thing that struck me the most is this guy’s neck. Yes, I said NECK! Of all the things I’m supposed to look at, it’s his neck that caught my eye. Am I seeing things or… are you seeing it too? I hope I’m not hallucinating.

Will and Grace

Click click click!

It’s interesting because my online buddy (who lives in Stockholm) thinks this guy is atrocious and then I told him to look beyond the clothes and picture him WITHOUT it. Home girl still won’t shut his corn hole. Although I may not wear what this guy is wearing, I’m all for freedom of expression and having your own style. I’m always curious what people are wearing, especially the youth in other countries and IMO, there really is no such thing as ‘bad’ style. To each their own.

Will and Grace

Will and Grace

Will and Grace

Think about it. What would you rather have? A young Scandinavian person
exploring clothes… or… your average, run-of-the-mill North American
guy teen in Abercrombie t-shirt, some khaki shorts and a nasty white
beaded/shell necklace?

What do you think? Would you hit it?


  1. he’s cute in his own way i guess. not a fan of any of the outfits and the pants are very ill fitting. however i’d still pick him over white beaded/shell necklaces. those are BEEYOND awful. ugh infinity.

  2. I agree, he’s cute. And there something with that neck, maybe for the pummel.
    The outfits are interesting, though I would hardly wear some of those. One of the pics reminded me I shoud have bought those H&M rain boots in Paris, they’re so nice.

  3. is he blind? can’t he see what he’s wearing?
    anyway i just wanted to tell you that i passed by Ben Sherman yesterday in the mall, and having remembered you’re recent post and visit there of course i just had to peek inside in the .00001% you happened to be there. so i looked through the glass windows and guess what i saw, some ghetto gay guy who looked like a driver posing in front of a mirror. he saw me peeking and thought i was admiring him, then…. he struck me a pose. *vomiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt* i don’t think i’ll do something like that again.

  4. ok peeps….fashion is a form of artistic expression and about being inspired by it ….it`s each to their own on how to interpret clothes….i have never been inspired by hordes of american teens running around malls in generic outfits(Abercrombie,Old Navy,etc)….,rather I look for innovation and inspiration in people like this Swede in terms of silhouette,choice of materials,color combiniation,etc…if you look closer at this guy`s clothes,you`ll realize that none of his wardrobe pieces are avantgarde or something that is not available through your average retailer….what this guy has and most people will never get,it is called STYLE…and style,you can`t buy…as my aunt always said,clothes don`t make a man,but they do tell a lot about him….

  5. whoa, now that’s personal style. no guts no glory eh. the look overall is rather wierdly engaging — the jeans is so 80s (acid wash hahaha), he’s got some serious trousers experimentation going in there and obvious ba?, he’s proud of his socks.

  6. He could easily be a model
    i think he’s very atractive…love his long neck, really sexy
    Regards Bryan!

  7. Are you guys crazy? That boy is gorgeous!!! Forget his style ‘(it will change and i’m sure mature as well), his face and body are really all that matter. YUM.

  8. Hold your horses!
    I would’ve posted a link to his blog but I don’t think the poor kid is ready for traffic. Not now at least, so please, for the life of god, give the kid some privacy.
    Just be happy I posted his photos online.
    There’s a lot of psycho weird ass freaks out there and not everyone can handle them so… again, give the kid some privacy.

  9. Ahhhh Europeans! No-one else is built quite like them.
    Where do you find these swedish blogs, BB? – not this one in particular, but in general. Or do you just Google hot swedish boys?

  10. MM
    word of mouth babe. one friend leads to another and another and another. ;)
    the gay/fashion scene in Scandinavia is so small that everyone knows everyone and everyone is connected to each other.
    it’s like incest, really. LOL

  11. his body is so hot. I would love to suck on his long neck and wrap my lips around his &%$#@!

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