Suzy Menkes in Preview Magazine???

HOLY JUNKO SHIMADA MARC JACOBS! Who knew Suzy Menkes writes for Preview, a fashion magazine in the third world? A friend just forwarded a scan of Suzy Menkes’ article (One Size Fits All) that appeared on this month’s Preview Magazine. I don’t usually read magazines because everything is available online and it’s weird because I remember reading THAT particular piece during fashion week (late September) on the International Herald Tribune website. I know, because I’m one of those many people who are anxiously waiting for Suzy’s reviews…

One Size Fits All by Suzy Menkes, Preview Magazine, November 2007

I love Suzy Menkes but something is not quite right...

What do you think?


Update 4PM – FYI: I got an update via email!!!! According to Pauline Suaco-Juan, Editor-in-Chief
of Preview Magazine, they purchased both articles from New York Times
Special Features, which syndicates the International Herald Tribune in

Proper copyrights, full attribution and credits were made on the issue itself. Enough with the emails already, mmmkay? At least Preview got Suzy in tow! Oi Vey! Haha!