Sonny Vandevelde's Halloween Costume

Written By bryanboy

Sonny Vandevelde’s Halloween Costume

Not only Sonny is a great backstage photog, he’s also a great trannytastic actress, too. I finally had the time to go through my DVD stash and well, what do you know, Sonny Vandevelde aka David Spade, made a cameo appearance on Adam Sandler’s gay flick, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" as a playboy bunny and a tranny fireman!!!!!!!!! HAHAAHAHHHA I died when I saw that scene! I’m not really a big fan of gay-themed movies because they’re usually cheesy and tacky but this film, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", is adorable. I love!

David Spade, I now pronounce you chuck and larry.

Hey, don’t go bitch! Don’t be a tease! You whore!!!! Sonny Vandevelde is that chu? Sonny’s soo cute isn’t he??? Sissyfication for the mother fucking win!!!


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