Shock Horror OMG

Written By bryanboy

Shock Horror OMG

Y’all know I went out yesterday and ran some errands, right? Unless I am mistaken, it just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I probably went to a Philippine Senator‘s house yesterday afternoon without me "knowing" it. Or maybe not. One of the nice lovely ladies I met yesterday share the same last name and when you have 90 million people in the country, there’s a high chance of you meeting someone that have the last last name as yours so maybe they’re like relatives or whatever and it wasn’t his house. Oh I don’t know anymore. With all the experiences I’ve had and all the people I’ve met in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case but still.. thinking about it now is soo surreal.

All I know is this:

1) Calling it a house is an understatement. It’s more like a huge-ass palatial compound with several buildings inside a gated wall and a couple of security guards outside.

2) The first thing that greets you on the driveway is this little mini chapel/church-like structure. Maybe it’s not a church but more of like a little private museum. Who the hell knows. The Philippines is a country where people have candy-coloured mausoleums so anything goes when it comes to architechture. Either way, I thought it was pretty. How many people do you know with churches inside their houses? Not many so there.

3) I’m surprised I got out of the house alive because there was this huge big ginormous dog, even bigger than than me an elephant, who barked at me on my way in. I bet he could smell the scent of a peasant like me from a mile away whereas my own dog can’t even smell his own shit. LOL. I was on my own in one of the rooms for a few minutes or so and I got really scared the dog might follow me and eat me alive! Thank god it didn’t happen.

4) I wore this. AND THANK GOD I didn’t see the honorable senator. LOL.

Bryanboy fucked Colin Farrell

I’m not kidding! That’s what I wore yesterday (before I changed into sheer pants). Oh my god, if I knew where I was going I would’ve worn something a little bit more appropriate, don’t you think?

This is so gonna go down on my personal history books just like the night I had dinner with my "BFF" Mrs. Imelda Marcos. Can you imagine? I’ll be known as the fag who went to Senator Juan Ponce-Enrile’s house wearing a "I fucked Colin Farrell" t-shirt. Bloody hell. Shame on me!!

I obviously didn’t ask the lady I met if she was related to the senator because, you know, like, "celebrities" and "stars" like me (oh deflate that ego bitch) like to pretend we’re cool and shock-resistant. Oh please. Hahaha! Besides, I went there to do one thing and I got it accomplished and there was no time for dilly dally.

God help me.

PS. And if you were one of the ladies I met yesterday afternoon let’s pretend I didn’t write this entry. I need to get it out of my chest and get over it. LOL!!!


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