Scary Orange

Written By bryanboy

Scary Orange

I don’t know which one is scarier — the outfit or the stare? I was asked to wear something orange for an online thingie and to be honest with you, my closet doesn’t have space for (and cannot tolerate) the colour orange. It’s just not my colour. In fact, I only have like 4 or 5 orange-y things: a sweater, a polo shirt, a pair of shorts and a long-sleeved tee. I think that’s about it.


Do you have lots of orange-y things? What colour do you loathe?


  1. i hate:
    1. lime green – only for aliens
    2. orange – only for matronas / old people feeling young.
    3. bright red – only for firemen

  2. i hate any color that’s lookys fakey — now only black and white almost always look natural
    love: wine red, golden/pearl yellow, sky blue and of course, black and white
    love the hair by the way, hair color is perfect, neither blond nor brunette

  3. Putatsing ka BRB, at last you hit the right combination of colors, and sexy, voluptuous mo d2 sa outfit na to at very sophisticated ang dating! (to hell with my spell-check) I JUST LUV IT at bagay sa yo, medyo nahawig ka kay Melanie Marquez! Kasi kadalasan mga baduy ang choices ng mga pananamit mo, really out of this world! Like those dresses worn by patients of mental hospital institutions!
    Cge BRB ipagpatuloy mo ang mga kalandian mo d2 sa mundo, kaya nga maraming naiingit sayo eh, isa na akoh!
    LUV YAH! SAY MO NGA babooshka!

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