Sally Singer is Love!

Written By bryanboy

Sally Singer is Love!

OMG. I literally shat my pants when I saw JD’s latest blog entry — he interviewed my favourite Vogue staffer ever, Ms. Sally Singer! I always, always look forward to her features and pieces and what she has to say because she’s truly amazing and inspirational.

Sally Singer

I learned so much about her today. Unlike the typical ilk who works at Conde Nast, Sally Singer used to be club kid, used to make her own clothes, used to drop in/out of school several times, used to be a waitress and yes, she even went to beauty school! Click here to read JD interview Sally.

Sally Singer for president!


  1. praises for bryanboy!!! thanks for introducing us to such a wonderful human being!! its good to know there are real people still actively involved in such a fucked up industry

  2. sally singer is just one of the reasons why reading the american Vogue is a very literary enriching experience — just as reading The Economist. great design, great content, with really good writers
    while i keep all the vogue issues (i have a collection dating back to the 1990s)…i have altogether stopped buying local fashion mags — they’re all copycat of western glossies, and they do all do the copying very badly tsk. tsk. tsk. why do local mags have to hire socialites as writers in the first place? yeah, good if they are good writers first and foremost — like you, hahahhaa.
    keep up the good work bryanboy! i am a devoted fan and i get the same satisfaction from reading your posts as when i read vogue hehhe. you write superbly!

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