Out with the old and in with the older.

Written By bryanboy

Out with the old and in with the older.

Someone’s getting his jawline back.

MEOW!! Big pictionary after the jump. Click click click!

I’ve been so busy the past few days it’s crazy! So many things to do, so little time. I seriously need to get a life, I swear.

I spent the entire morning running around town with a huge list of errands. I won’t bore you with that shit so let’s start at the point where I got my haircut done. I went to Acqua salon again. BTW, for those of you who won’t stop emailing/texting for my ‘list’, I’m gonna make a huge ass list of the third world places I frequent/love so keep an eye out for it.

Anyway, this is like what,  my 2nd haircut in less than a month? I’m REALLY getting tired of long hair. I’m sooo dunzo with that silly ‘phase’. Long hair never really suited me unless it’s a long, blond wig.

I say what, what? Wanna do it in the butt? What what, in da butt.

So yeah. I’m gonna get my hair even shorter like next week. Maybe I’ll get another colour/highlights, too.

OK, it’s not AS short as what I used to do with my hair but this is hella shorter than what I’ve had this year.

Out with the old and in with the shorter.

God damn I look like a tool on that photo, no? Hahahhahhaha!

After my haircut, I did a few more errands, bought a few things here and there and went to another mall to meet up with a friend.

By the way, there’s a Homme et Femme (women’s) sale going on at the Shangri-la mall until December 9th. Saw lots of Costume National, Balenciaga, Marni, Viktor & Rolf and more.

This Balenciaga jacket caught my eye.

Here’s another photo my friend took.

After Homme et Femme, we went to Ben Sherman where I tried a few men’s clothes for shits and giggles.

The store is nice though I’m not sure about the union jack overload. There’s something about the union jack that reminds me of the Spice Girls. ICK.

Ben Sherman Store Manila

Everything ended up being wayyy too big for me. Sizing is my main problem when it comes to men’s clothes. Even the smallest Dior Homme is wayy too large for me.

There was this gray cardigan and blue shirt that was cute but when I tried it on, my friend was all like it wasn’t for me/personality.

I love stripes so I picked this sweater up just to try it but alas… too big.

But that didn’t stop me from taking photos.

Look at my face. I look like a retard. Ugh. The top is size small men’s and the trousers are… get ready for a shock horror.

30 INCHES! The trousers are seriously loose and baggy. I swear to god it took wayyy
more than a miracle to keep it hanging. They’re wayyy too big for me. I
can’t even imagine having a 30-inch waist. I like the sweater though. I
think it’s cute though a little too big for me.

GETCHA FREAK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

This is SERIOUSLY freaky, no? Straight-acting is soo not me!!!

Work it like you own it, shake it till you break it, fake it till you make it.

Smile for the cameras! Y’all know I loathe smiling but I’m gonna
smile this time so I won’t get accused of having only one facial
expression. I mean for real… there are faggots out there who tell me
I only have 1 facial expression. Some fucker even made a site for it.
Go check it out. http://bryanboy.ytmnd.com/


After Ben Sherman we went to the cinemas to watch a movie. My friend wanted to see Scarlett Johansson’s flick, the Nanny Diaries.

Scarlett was cute in the film. I honestly didn’t get her appeal until now.

The film was shitty though. Sorry!

I bet Citi Financial sponsored that film, especially with the strategic usage of the red umbrella logo throughout the movie.

While everyone had popcorn and water, I on the other hand got a huge tub of nachos and ground beef and this german frankfurter sandwich which is the smelliest shit I’ve had in the longest time.

Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Goyard and Chanel. Third world excess brought to you by…

Miu Miu tote bag, Goyard croisiere, Louis Vuitton, Cathay Pacific airline bag, Chanel classic caviar quilted bag 2.55

Cathay Pacific.

After the movie, we all went to Dome Cafe…

Dome Cafe, Shangri-la Mall

where I had a heavy dinner. I wanted to impress the folks I went out with that I *DO* eat so I got myself a huge plate of smoked salmon, which I devoured on my own, right down to the last morsel of minced eggs…

Smoked salmon, Dome Cafe, Shangri-la Mall

… and a bowl of pumpkin soup. Since it was binge night, I also ate the bread. Hell hath no fury like the wrath of carbs!

Pumpkin Soup, Dome Cafe, Shangri-la Mall

Like any good pro-anamiakarenina, I purged.

JUST KIDDING! Oh my god, there are millions, if not billions, of starving people in the world. There’s no way I’m gonna tinker my throat for the sake of some silly "lifestyle choice".

Nothing beats the pleasure of enjoying a couple of cigarettes after a big meal. But yeah, this photo is fuckin scary!

Dome Cafe, Shangri-la Mall

Today’s Obligatory Paparazzi Shot

Paparazzi Shot, Dome Cafe, Shangri-la Mall

I have one thing to say. Sashay, shante. Shante, shante, shante!

Gloria Jean's, Shangri-la Mall


And there you have it!

As always, email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com.

I love you all!


  1. Men’s clothing are meant to be wide. You’re too thin for a man in the first place. I think you should gain more weight. From those pictures, you look young and fresh.
    Don’t be scared to explore that “other” side of you. You’re too cute!

  2. That Balenciaga sweater is faaaab! I’d offer my body to rich-ass CEO’s any day just to get that! hahaha kidding!
    I love the Ben Sherman shop… probably because I love all things UK. hehehe Great post Bryan… as always! ;)
    PS: I added in you in Livejournal. :D

    You are one handsome, rich-ass mofo. Idk how you do it honestly.

  4. christopher

    nice to see the old style posts again…theyre great!
    the hair is a MILLION times better…you really suit it andn I LOVE te miu miu….oh yeah…..

  5. Whenever you post pix of food in (seemingly expensive) Filipino restaurants, it looks the food has just been slapped on the plate… why is that? PS Love your new hairstyle

  6. you should smile a lot.. your face brightens when you do.. seriously.. I swear on my granpa’s grave!

  7. you should smile a lot.. your face brightens when you do.. seriously.. I swear on my granpa’s grave!

  8. the new haircut looks great; you’re right, long hair is not for you. also, i can’t believe you ate all that shit.

  9. You look great! The color and the cut makes you look fabulous! It was about time that u posts pics of you.

  10. J’adore ton cheveux. I can’t help but notice your bulge on the 13th photo with the white shorts in the Ben Sherman fitting room. Haha.. I soo love the pose on the last photo. Fabulous!

  11. Candice Michelle

    I saw you at Shang on this day. You were with CVS and I so wanted to come up to you… but i got shy. Hehehehe. You looked hot, though!

  12. omg bryan i LOVE ur outfit – duude move to the states so i can stalk u dammit! lmao i kid, but seriously groovy outfit – its like bourgie punk rock lol – i needa get one of those hats!

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