OK. I'm sweating like a whore in church.

Written By bryanboy

OK. I’m sweating like a whore in church.

I just did the unthinkable.

It’s 7:18AM and I just got back. I walked (as in a real fast walk/mincing not run/jog) about 1.5 kilometers in 13 minutes time. Does anyone know how many calories I burned and how many pounds I lost?

I think I could do this walking thing every day. Y’all know I loathe walking. I may have to go to the doctors too because the part right above my ears (and the back of my head) hurts whenever I walk.

The question is…. can I lose like 10 pounds in less than a month by walking 1.5 kilometers every day?

I need to do this for my health. I need to shape up and burn those calories.

Don’t even dare tell me to go to the gym. Working out with those gym freaks is NOT an option.


  1. krispykremekween

    bryan, that won’t help much if you wanna lose 10 pounds. i think that much running can only burn a thousand calories or so. try spinning ;) it burns a gazillion an hour!! i love you bitch!

  2. Im not sure how many calories 1.5 km is.. but you know to lose 1 pound you have to burn 3500 calories MORE than you eat.
    You heard of http://www.fitday.com?
    its free to sign up, you just put in everything you eat in a day then your exercise and lifestyle and it adds everything up for you. calories in vs. calories out. you pick from a huge database what youve eaten or exercised and itll tell you how many calories.

  3. don’t mind the calories. walking is simply healthy, that’s it pusit – rather fun to do than working out in a gym with all those sweaty, grunting bodies, in an enclosed place. there’s something evil about gyms… i can’t exactly figure it out, but it reminds me of sylvia plath’s meaning of a bell jar

  4. mr Metriod

    Youll be scary skinny if you loose 10 pounds and youll look life if you had a cancer. Buy some gym equipment and train at home.

  5. bakit ayaw mo ng gym? imagine all the buff guys in the shower/locker room!!!!! isn’t that why lots of gays are into gyms these days?

  6. You think you will lose weight by ‘walking’. Maybe if you were FAT, like obese, walking might help you shed some pounds but with your body type I assume you only want to tone your body a bit and walking won’t do that for you. If you really hate exercise that much you can try clubbing/dancing. It trains the abdomen really well (well if you dance properly), the nightcrawling usually kills your appetite next day, etc etc Success guaranteed. I guess you need to find the courage to go clubbing excessively though… but since you’re only seventeen that should be ok

  7. Yea, you burned about 100 cals. 100 cals per mile, running or walking. Sucks huh?

  8. well according to the calculations over @
    you’ve only burned 50 (i figured your weight at around 120?)
    if u had walked 1 whole hour the calories burnt would be 238
    btw, it says on there that a person loses 1 pound per 4000 calories expended.
    i know, that sucks.

  9. Even if you don’t lose a ton of weight, walking everyday is so good for your health
    and you will get more toned and improve your posture

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