Oh dear.

Written By bryanboy

Oh dear.

3 faggots down, 8 more to go. Gay Bloggies Challenge 4 is up — we were asked to do wear something orange and what do you know, because most gays are sleazeballs, there’s a ton of pictures of a naked man up there, ass and all. Thank god there are no peen shots though and I’m glad they’re keeping it clean. I’m sending mothers, children and heterosexuals on that site, hella they bettah keep it clean.

Now now.

I don’t know about you but we soFEEsticated and well-bred (and I
don’t mean bareback Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend bred) ladies like to keep our clothes on, thanks
very much. With a body like mine, I better keep my clothes on but hey,
it’s probably my insecurities talking cause I know I *still* have a
market out there. Hahaha!

What are you waiting for? Vote for me even if my pictures are the
most horrid compared to the rest of the gang. I need your votes more
than ever. Click the "thumbs up" button found at the bottom of my entry. You know you want to do it, even if you hate me.

As for the rest of the pack… well…you know what to do if you want to make me the winner. Thumb those bitches down! Hahaha :-) That’s what Gemma Ward would do if she was me.

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