Is that a big bag of marijuana on the table?

Written By bryanboy

Is that a big bag of marijuana on the table???

Found this from Ohnotheydidnt who found it on The Fashion Spot… it’s Suvi Koponen, Hanne Gaby and Behati Prinsloo!

Suvi Koponen, Hanne Gaby, Behati Prinsloo with marijuana on the table.

Suvi Koponen, Hanne Gaby, Behati Prinsloo with marijuana on the table.

Tsk tsk tsk. :-) Naughty girls!!! Sometimes I wonder how pictures like this go online. Marijuana or tea. You decide.


  1. yeah i think its MJ, and there’s a big orange box of rolling paper behind it. probably the reason behind why they’re binging on ice cream, eh?
    joke. i dunno. looks like MJ to me.

  2. I really just can’t believe noone’s noticed the line of cocaine in front of Suvi, next to the blunt…

  3. heidelene

    that is not behati’s…..she is not a smoker,,,,i love her…maybe that’s Hana’s or Suvi’s…suvi looks like she is taking drugs…and behati’s father is a pastor….so i dont think so.

  4. Anonymous

    yeh that is a huge bag of weed some is even on the table and a box of phillies and a line of coke in the background and there is also a lighter sitting on the table THEY ARE BAKED they were all smoking u cant deny it

  5. yeah Behati is a stoner.
    I know for a fact.
    So what? Let her do what she wants

  6. Fluke man

    its probably not a line of coke. its probably a crushed up pill like a zanie or something for consumption.

  7. So what man, its just a Psychoactive Herb. people act like Marijuana is bad, it’s illegal because they can’t tax it. And why do all christians think it’s an evil PLANT, if the Most HIGH didn’t want it why would he create it??? duh, so Lively Up and chill

  8. Well something we can say for sure, that they ARE eating Ben n Jerry’s ice cream, right? :D

  9. Suomipoika

    Suvi says for Finnish mag that she’s totally against drugz, as you can see from this picture, obliviously it’s only her friends that smoke good ol MJ ;)

  10. your dad

    model chicks on weed.. (possibly +some)
    i mean this is torture. like finding out there’s a neverland but you can’t never go (not the ranch). rubbing it to your face. as far as condemning the cheeba, george bush himself has admited getting toasted ->
    the only false move is that this photo got on the net. rest of it is just hypocrisy.

  11. hehe
    siinä taas yks lisää :D:D
    lisää vaan ni kyllä elämä voittaa.
    mitäs meillä kurjolla sieluilla olis tässä maailmassa kun kaikki päihteet ja siitä syntyvä hetkellinen ilo tähän sairaaseen ja paskaan maailmaan

  12. Wonderer

    When a Finnish ice hockey player gets photographed at a party in somebody elses apartment with a small plastic bag of some unknown white powder on a table in the backgound he will face some charges in a court and Finnish tabloids label him as a criminal. But when a Finnish model gets photographed at a party with a bag of weed (or maybe tea?) on the table, Finnish tabloids tell us that there’s our innocent girl just a bit fooling around with her friends :P

  13. finnish_rose

    LOL if someone’s dad is a pastor do you really think that would affect on anything if the kid wants to take drugs? How naive you are. :)

  14. huuhkaja

    pot or coke….whas the difference?its their own thing and shouldnt be moralized.i do coke and pot too,but no one is moralizing me even if i do it openly and not hiding it.

  15. :DD kiva tosiaan toi kokkeliviiva koposen edessä :DD
    lisää malliohjelmia suomeen :)


    Depends on where you are in the world. You’d have to pay a bit more for it where I live.

  17. Let them smoke.. I’m just glad that my pictures aren’t in the net everytime i want to chill out.

  18. well the weed is not the problem, but the line of cocaine next to Suvi is. Well there is no need to go to the gym and stay slim! Stupid girls

  19. finnishgirl

    En yhtää ihmettelis, vaiks olis Suvin kokkelit tossa ja vaa kertoo suomalaisil lehdil olevansa huumeit vastaa. Who knows..

  20. .....

    It’s suvi’s fault that this pic ended on the net. She posted this on her Irc-Galleria (It’s a finnish website) profile herself! Stupid girl.

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