Model Stretch Marks Part 2

Written By bryanboy

Model Stretch Marks Part 2

Look at what my friend sent me. Wow. For those of you who have stretch marks on their lower back, you’re not alone! This lovely gal was spotted backstage at Michael Kors, Spring 2008. Guess who?

Models with Stretch Marks, backstage at Michael Kors Spring 2008

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It’s one of my favourite catwalkers ever, Ms. Natasha Poly!!!!!

Natasha Poly lower back stretch marks, backstage at Michael Kors Spring 2008


Natasha Poly, Michael Kors Spring 2008

Fuck them damn stretch marks when your body is THIS hottttt!!!!!

Natasha Poly. Michael Kors Spring 2008 backstage

Need I say more?


  1. thats not her
    the one in the picture is fat look at the flabs on the sides and no curve. feels like its a man.

  2. that’s her. can’t you see the bathing suit AND the bag?
    please exercise some common sense babe.
    the photo was taken from the back and NOT from the side. the lighting is just poor, i guess.

  3. if your basis for this pic is the bag and bathing suit, that common sense your are referring to may not be common at all… babe.
    i’ve been with different girls so many times and this girl’s back ain’t sexy.
    take it from a real guy Brian. i guess you haven’t slept with any woman nor paid too much attention to their body for you to appreciate what im saying. a sexy gal has a really arched back. models are suppose to be sexy right? or is this particular model not one of those?

  4. if she has has stretch marks like that it probably means she lost or gained weight extremely fast, in the past…
    so being skinny as she is in these pics, it is not her natural state (normal weight)
    i wonder how many of these models are at their natural weight? so many of them say that they are naturally skinny.

  5. Passionada

    Looking at te first pic, I guessed the model was black. Why’s te 1st pic different from the others?

  6. pleeease. it is totally her. when you are that underweight you are more likely to have flabbier skin anyway. she probably lost about 40 pounds to become a model. and she looks AMAZING. good to know supermodels have so-called “flaws” too.

  7. lol bb i know thats your ass, you bought the same undies and same bag. your ass is so distinctive.

  8. Patrycja

    It is written that this is Part 2. I wonder where the first part is.

  9. Wow, just proves not everybody no matter how perfect they may look from the outside) is actually perfect.
    To those of you saying she has no curves, look at picture 2, Can you not see curves?? if not, then you have alot to learn about female bodies…. bodies in general actually!!


    Ummm is that what people consider stretch marks? Those things on her are barely even visible!

  11. Many tall girls get stretch marks in that location on their body when they grow in puberty, even if they are always really thin. It is not always to do with putting on or loosing weight!

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