Mariannet Amper

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mariannet amper

Mariannet Amper

One of my friends called me a few hours ago (yes, at 1AM) and told me the story of a Filipino 12-year old girl named Mariannet Amper who committed suicide by hanging herself with a nylon rope. She  wrote in her diary how she wanted simple little things: a bicycle, a new bag, a new pair of shoes, and the chance to finish her education. However, due to extreme poverty, she wasn’t able to get any of these things — they don’t even have electricity or running water.

In her suicide note, she wrote that she wants to finish studying in order to buy a bicycle. She’s had been absent at school for more than a month because they don’t have money for transportation.

The night before she killed herself, she asked her father about (P100) US$2.50 for a school project but his dad had no money. The following day, he managed to get a small cash advance for construction work but when he got home, he found his daughter dead.

Hearing stories like this make me want to throw up and question my existence. I actually question my existence every day, however, let’s leave it for another blog entry. Remember what I wrote earlier last year about starving people in the Philippines? When you have 90 million people in your country and the majority of that figure live below the poverty line and when the Catholic church discourage use of contraceptives and their brainwashing antics, things like these are NOT unusual. It happened before, it happens now (albeit unreported) and no doubt, it will happen in the future.

Clearly my friend got depressed to the point where she’s in tears. It was inevitable to talk about how extremely lucky we are — if you are reading my blog right now, wherever you are in the world, that includes you, too. The fact that you have internet access and have food on the table it means you’re lucky more than most of my compatriots. I know it’s easy to point fingers and go on a high horse on how fashion this, poverty that etc.

I tried to console my friend  by telling her at least she had a conscience. At least she felt something — and told her friends about it. I’m sure a lot of people out there read things like this every day WITHOUT doing anything (no matter how big and small). For instance, I may not write about poverty every day (this is a fashion blog) but it doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the problem. I do — and whenever I can, I try to help out, privately, without announcing to anyone.

I also don’t think people should feel guilty whenever they compare their lifestyles to the REALLY less fortunate. I mean, it’s great that people feel guilty but there are more important things. It’s already given that some people are more blessed than others. Some inherited their blessings, some worked hard for it, some are continuously working hard for it and then there are some who, because of some sick twisted fate, do not AND cannot have it. Either way, it’s completely irrelevant to compare our lives with anyone. Nobody can erase the past, you can only witness the present and you could only change the future. The more important thing is — what could ARE YOU GOING to do help others? Any act of kindness is always appreciated by people who need them most.

Think about it. Then do it.

Privately. Unannounced to anyone. Not even to your own mother.

Trust me on this and you, too, can sleep well at night.


  1. she was all over the news last night, donations started pouring in daw when people learned about it kya lang i was wondering, paano pa maapreciate nung bata yun e wala na cya,same goes with the saying “aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ung kabayo”? pero good thing na rin un, at least ung mga naiwan nyang kapatid, matutulungan kahit pano. haay, how sad! an early eye opener.very well said BB.

  2. Very well said, charity shouldn’t be exploited for a PR stunt (as so many celebs/politicians do nowadays)
    And it’s ironic that the father is reaping the benefits of this tragedy. It’s frustrating to see adults who can’t even support themselves yet reproduce as if it’s nothing.

  3. bryanboy this is far most the best post you ever written. it just proves youre human with a heart… i hopei could meet you someday!!!

  4. say, bryanboy i knew it, that’s why i liked you the first time i chanced upon your blog… you are hell of a fashion nut but hey, but what makes you really rock is that you are a damn sensible person too! a patriot at that! i love you!
    by the way, i think that poor kid has an undiagnosed bipolar disorder — she’so young and err.. so sane to feel what goddam most people are afraid to feel or think!!!! she felt too much and justly so… when most of us have become really just so mandhid to the reality around us. well, fuck gma for making another spin out of this tragedy —

  5. I second the motion, Bryanboy. Hear, hear! Grief is only the first step – it is what you do after the tears that counts.

  6. I second the motion, Bryanboy. Hear, hear! Grief is only the first step – it is what you do after the tears that counts.

  7. Thanks for writing about this. I can really feel your heartfelt pain. I know you are a generous person and one doesn’t have to tell the world on how you did your share to help the less fortunate.
    I do my share by promoting suicide awareness and education because media is focused too much on the poverty issue . Not that I want to minimize the problem but there are more suicide deaths among the young the past few weeks. Some are unreported in the news . Some are covered in newspapers. I want to save lives.

  8. mariannet brings back the spirit of anne frank
    a twisted valiancy she did, but brave nonetheless
    …may she rest in peace

  9. I thought you didn’t care about things like this. I was wrong. I even like you more for saying that acts of kindness should be done privately and unannounced.

  10. Kiwiozzie_diesel2

    ….nice blog!!!!
    i do love the way u make it!!!!!
    thanks for including this in your blog!!!!
    you are truly a concerned Filipino citizen!

  11. It is a shame that people, especially children, have to live in conditions such as this. Although we try to be conscious about these issues, it still hurts to know that another child was lost to what could have been prevented in the first place. We, as an entire planet need to do better. :(
    Love your site, and thanks for the reality check. :)

  12. While i dislike some of your posts/opinions about the Catholic Church, this one is an exception.
    You’re right, we just have to DO IT. In the context of helping our brothers (and sisters), there is no such thing as ‘insignificant’ that cannot effect ‘real’ change.
    We know that poverty and desperation is all around us. We’re done thinking about it – let’s just act on it. However, whatever.
    Somehow, somebody’s life will change for the better because you stopped thinking about it and started acting on it.

  13. bernice vergara

    my dear queen!!!!With a Heart like that,No wonder you can rule the world!!!no wonder were your SLAVES,i mean we fall for your cunning ability to spot horrid images of the lime light and fashion industry,for being such a fashion junky owhh…and also my thinspiration but your being eleemosynary is what makes you even more awe-inspiring!!OMFG we have Princess “D” here reincarnated people!!!!!!!

  14. As you said, we should do whatever we can and there’s no need to broadcast it to the whole world. Most NGOs cater to the poverty alleviation and national development.
    PCNC has a list of accredited NGOs on this site:
    If you donate to any of the NGOs that are on the list, your donation is tax-deductible.

  15. sigh, it was on the news lately that she didn’t kill herself cause of poverty; they’re investigating allegations that either her dad/brother had been raping her for some time.

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