Martin Margiela L'Incognito Sunglasses

Written By bryanboy

Martin Margiela L’Incognito Sunglasses

Eye want! Eye love! Maison Martin Margiela launches L’INCOGNITO its first ever pair of sunglasses. It’s going to be available in February 2008 at all Margiela stores. These babies are gorgeous and quite possibly the most chica sunnies I’ve seen in the longest time.

Martin Margiela Sunglasses - L'Incognito, Black

Martin Margiela Sunglasses - L'Incognito, Transparent

Photo credits: V Magazine and Maison Martin Margiela

They come in black, brown, mirrored and transparent. We don’t have Margiela in the flips so I think  I’ll call the new Margiela boutique in Beverly Hills that opened a few months ago.

Click HERE to purchase them online.


  1. Interesting. BB, don’t they remind you of the thinner shades that came down the Gucci runway a few years ago? The year/collection escapes me now, but it was when they had the models wearing faux-hawks, remember?

  2. Hi Bryan!
    well those sunnies are cool, but i’m really up to those Balenciaga sunglasses from what Vogue called, “the star wars chic” collection…
    those transparents with metal details…loved, really, i’m waiting 4 them to get on ebay so i can reach them 4 a reasonable price…
    lot’s of Love from Chile Bryan!

  3. Martin Margiela is so underated! He has great style that is tastefully artful without being too crazy. If styled correctly those shades would be awsome but I find they would be hard to wear normally though. I prefer Balenciagas shades a few seasons ago better though.

  4. hey bryan
    been looking all over the web to get an idea of how much these babies cost. Can you help me out there? x

  5. They cost 380 euros and there will be no waiting list as they are released in way to low quantities for that. The Paris flagship store only received seven of each color. And they are expected to be sold out after this weekend, the slow sell because of the paris store’s hidden location and anonymous policies.

  6. Prince Charming

    ok i want to order some so how do i go about doing that? and euros in amreican dollars equals?

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