Marc Jacobs

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Marc Jacobs

How well do you know Marc Jacobs’ history? I don’t usually like to get all soppy and mushy mushy but the people at Gay Bloggies asked the remaining contestants (myself included) to make a short video clip about any subject. The first thing person that came to mind was Marc Jacobs. A friend and I planned to do this whole "Leave Marc Jacobs Alone" thing like that loony bin who did Britney’s (and shall remain nameless) but I didn’t have the luxury of free time. Well, thanks to the Gay Bloggies deadline, I spent the entire day making/editing a NEW vid in good ol’ Bryanboy style.

See for yourself. I have a feeling the only ones who are gonna find this video hilarious are the fashion pack because of all the references I made, right down to my choice of music and spring 2008 styling. Do you really think the average, non-fashion-obsessed Joe from Lexington, KY knows Marc Jacobs used to be a different person? I don’t know. Do they even know who Marc Jacobs is?

In any case, I think it’s a fun, cheeky video. This, my friends, is what I call dedication.

And a note to the NYLONMILANPARIS fashion pack and my fashion fiends who know who they are: please feel free to vid to anyone you know who will forward this vid to Marc Jacobs. I have a feeling he’s gonna shit his pants and get pissed at me (or maybe he’ll laugh AND give me all the Marc things I want, you never know haha) but dammit I love that man.

Well? What do you think? Watch the video. I wanna hear your thoughts.

PS. It’s 9PM on a Friday and I’m going to sleep. I’ve been awake for the past 28 hours!!!

PPSS. I did it again! God damn I always do it. I think I must’ve said "you know" at least 58 times!! I figured it’s so much better NOT to read a script and babble away with whatever nonsense I could think of. When I tried to read my script, it was HORRIBLE. Horrible I tell ya.

PPPSSS. Jason Preston is actually a lovely guy. That guy is adorable!


  1. nyahahah! freaking good! I’m still smiling.. hahahah! nice one! my BF and I were laughing like hell! yahahahaha!!

  2. Jason Preston

    OMG I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! You know I love you BB……

  3. Are you rich? Because you seem to be able to afford a lot of designer purchases.

  4. Marc Jacobs, REALLY!!!

    Well Bryanboy……I laughed out loud! I give you a 10 for effort. On the music, styling, impersonation another 10. I can’t award a 10 for accuracy, as there were some serious inaccuracies…..I won’t dwell on the NEGATIVE, but just to let you know, Silver was my last name at the age of 8 for one year only…..My crazy mother changed our family name when she remarried. It was back to Jacobs again when she divorced a year later. Meth was NEVER my drug of choice. tried it and hated it…..Loved what you said about my BF, Jason. ALL true, and, proud of it!!! Love your passion for fashion, after all, where would designers be without enthusiasm like yours? Keep lovin’ Big kiss, Marc….HIMSELF!

  5. FashIntern

    hey bb, i think you are fabulousssss. i’m currently an intern at peter som, but heading over to WWD in the beginning of january (!). anyways, i forwarded your vid to peter, and well, he found it fucking hilarious. i know i’m just an intern there, but he’s awesome, and well, yeah, he actually reads the emails i send him. so at least know that peter som loves you!

  6. To “Marc”:
    I normally don’t post comments from what could possibly be an impostor but I checked your ip address and it came from France. Jason sent me a note so I guess it would be safe to assume he forwarded the link to you and it’s you who commented.
    Holy mother of god pray for sinners like me, this is unbelievable!
    But yeah. I only went by what people are saying online but I’m SURE a lot of it are blown out of proportion and untrue. But yes, thanks for looking on the bright side. You serve as inspiration to the lives of many and I stand by when I said you’re the best!

  7. Marc Jacobs, REALLY!!!

    Me again……You got it sweetheart…I am here in Paris. Jason sent me the link this afternoon…..We all had a good laugh up at LV! I had to write as I am in the habit of telling the truth, and setting the record straight!! And, I really do worship you for choosing me as Fashions’ Britney Spears…..What else can I say? Good night from Gay Paree!! Bisou, Marc.

  8. I’m not really good in Math but you said “you know” like, 15 times. I counted.
    Team Bryanboy.

  9. I love you you little fag. You put us all to shame. Your eating disorders make me jealous.

  10. marikit de dios

    You may be a famous blogger but there is no way the real Marc Jacobs (OH REALLY NOW?) will post a comment on your blog.
    I smell a fake! Anyone can find info on the internet these days.
    Try harder.

  11. Hey, this your best video by far. One unsolicited advice though, you should really use a tripod for those non-moving scenes. :p
    Wish you the best!
    P.S. Was that THE Marc Jacobs who commented?

  12. If Bryanboy has shown his readers anything… It’s that he doesn’t talk shit. Ever. Do you really think he’d let a fake Marc post a comment here? Doubt it. If Bryanboy has done his research and says it is, it is.

  13. GREAT video! You for sure put in lots of time and effort and it definitely shows. It would not be unfounded if you win the award! Best of luck! :)

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