Marc Jacobs

How well do you know Marc Jacobs’ history? I don’t usually like to get all soppy and mushy mushy but the people at Gay Bloggies asked the remaining contestants (myself included) to make a short video clip about any subject. The first thing person that came to mind was Marc Jacobs. A friend and I planned to do this whole "Leave Marc Jacobs Alone" thing like that loony bin who did Britney’s (and shall remain nameless) but I didn’t have the luxury of free time. Well, thanks to the Gay Bloggies deadline, I spent the entire day making/editing a NEW vid in good ol’ Bryanboy style.

See for yourself. I have a feeling the only ones who are gonna find this video hilarious are the fashion pack because of all the references I made, right down to my choice of music and spring 2008 styling. Do you really think the average, non-fashion-obsessed Joe from Lexington, KY knows Marc Jacobs used to be a different person? I don’t know. Do they even know who Marc Jacobs is?

In any case, I think it’s a fun, cheeky video. This, my friends, is what I call dedication.

And a note to the NYLONMILANPARIS fashion pack and my fashion fiends who know who they are: please feel free to vid to anyone you know who will forward this vid to Marc Jacobs. I have a feeling he’s gonna shit his pants and get pissed at me (or maybe he’ll laugh AND give me all the Marc things I want, you never know haha) but dammit I love that man.

Well? What do you think? Watch the video. I wanna hear your thoughts.

PS. It’s 9PM on a Friday and I’m going to sleep. I’ve been awake for the past 28 hours!!!

PPSS. I did it again! God damn I always do it. I think I must’ve said "you know" at least 58 times!! I figured it’s so much better NOT to read a script and babble away with whatever nonsense I could think of. When I tried to read my script, it was HORRIBLE. Horrible I tell ya.

PPPSSS. Jason Preston is actually a lovely guy. That guy is adorable!