Hipster My Ass

Written By bryanboy

Let’s try orange again.

This time, let’s go a few shades lighter. I also shaved my legs. They’re itching like mad but this is the price to pay. I know I should get them waxed but I didn’t have enough time today so no doubt, tonight, I’ll have those nasty rashes. Last time I shaved my pubes in its entirety it felt good… my crotch felt smoother than a baby’s arse but hella I got rashes the following day that looked like herpes. Does anyone know what I could do to make the rash go away?


Anyway, click click click for a few more pics.

One of my friends told me I look like 12 on this photo. I guess being a gook ain’t that bad afterall.


OMG. Is that a fucking cameltoe???


Close your legs like a proper lady, bitch.


Now you see it, now you don’t.


Well, what do you think?

More pics to follow. I’m bloody knackered.

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I love you all!


  1. Its called razor-burn, babe. Always moisturize after shaving, at least for 3 days, and especially after showers.

  2. that’s more like it! is that a button down i see? close enough. love the blazer, fabulously tailored. who’s it by?
    even the shorts and those sandals work!
    well done. you look good.

  3. Razor burns down there are tough. Make sure u aren’t over-shaving (passing razor over the same area too many times), use a shaving oil to shave. Moisturize the area afterwards. For the next week or so exfoliate the area thoroughly using a GENTLE body scrub. Repeat until the hair grows back out and isn’t irritating your skin anymore. That’s how one keeps the jayjay fresh.

  4. Use Elica Cream, its a wonder drug. Its a bit pricey though. Available in all local pharmacies (here in the PH). It works wonders my daughter’s diaper rash and my insect bites. I tried it on razor burns and small scars too. It’s steriodal so use sparingly.

  5. Shave and then right away (pref. in the shower) turn the water fairly cold and let that run for a few minutes (you will be shriveled!) BUT it will close the pores and start protecting against bumps and burn. After your shower moisturize – let dry – THEN (the secret) apply a unscented sensitive skin deodorant everywhere you shaved – Apply WITH the grain – so the direction the hair would grow. This is supposedly a trick strippers use to prevent razor burn and rash. Continue to apply for the next few days. It work!

  6. Sister_Ista

    I sure fire way to easily and cheaply get rid of any of those horrible rashy bumps and lumps that can occur after shaving (and prevent them in the first place). Is to simply apply baby nappy rash cream to the area….it works a treat!! I usually use Sudocream!!!

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