Gucci 2008 Cruise Collection Ad Campaign

Written By bryanboy

Gucci 2008 Cruise Collection Ad Campaign

This video is soo fucking fierce. Well, Natasha Poly is SO fucking fierce. Jesus, look at her face — and her AMAZING bone structure. The jaws, the cheekbones, the face, the hair, the eyes, the gaze, the stares, the arms, the looks, the way the clothes look/move on her. PERFECTION!

And this is why I love Gucci’s 2008 Cruise collection. I got a shitload of flak from the Tom Ford fans when I wrote about it earlier this year but whatevs. :)


  1. Bummer B Boy, I actually dislike the video. Too much cheesy drama is shoved down my throat in such short period of time, I felt like wanting to run away from the whole b movie class acting and editing, or maybe this is just not my style. cheers

  2. Luaulass

    She’s beautiful, the clothes are beautiful, but man it’s so disturbing she just looks like a bag of drugged out bones. I mean the look in her eyes- they’re just empty. Kinda freaky.

  3. Can somebody tell me the name of the song from this campaign? It`s driving me crazy!

  4. I got those man sunglasses.
    The blazon on the middle is not that white, actually it’s grey and by the way cannot be seen from that distance.

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