Gloria Jean's

Written By bryanboy

Gloria Jean’s

People always tell me I walk too fast. Whenever I’m with someone or a group of people, I’m usually several feet ahead of the pack and it’s not unusual for me to stop halfway and look behind me to see where they are.

Bryanboy posing outside Gloria Jean's.

While walking inside the mall (restaurant/cafe areas)…

Friend: I’m looking at people to see if they are looking at you.

Me: *beams with excitement* OMG I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE LOOK AT ME! Are there lots of people looking at me?

Friend: Not really, no.

Me: What, are they blind… immuned at my faggotry?

<30 seconds later>

Friend: Well, the waiters are looking at you.



  1. OMG, these clothes is so fabulous, you’re really go along way in fashion..!!It only show that your passion is fashion..keep it going..

  2. bernice vergara

    what the fuck were you wearing???its…its…its…. Fabulous at a faggy level!!its cool but the hat..the hat man!!the upper portion of you reminds me of our beloved hero “DR.Jose P Rizal” rest his soul!you end up looking like your going to a revolution for our country in a 21st century fashion statement!!!sorry got to be honest yotch!

  3. gotta give a girl some credit where it’s due. but bryan, hun, stop trying too hard to dress “model cool”. it’s so contrived. you look best in basics.. button downs, trenches, skinny jeans, maybe a frilly blouse once in a while to go with killer heels.

  4. BASICS?
    Ever since I was a child I do not do “basics”.
    I abhor basics. I loathe button downs.
    When was the last time you saw me wear button downs?

  5. who put the outfit together? i don’t believe you did it yourself. fabulous! you’re a model!

  6. thomas, i put the outfit together. it’s nothing serious and just for fun!
    btw i’m getting lots of emails from people what the orange thing is in my hand. those are fingerless cashmere louis vuitton gloves

  7. christian

    what the fuck happened? did you dive in pile of clothes while high on coke or meth and tah dah came out looking like that or did you decide to go to a party as a gay rodeo clown? News Flash!!! Halloweens over btw you know we all love you bb!

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