Get Innocuous!

Written By bryanboy

Get Innocuous!

Sing after me just like at the Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2008 show: YOU. CAN’T. NORMALIZE. Don’t it make you feel alive? I like them black boys… I like them white boys… I like them asian boys… I like them mixed-race boys. Get innocuous! I need a rainbow brite runway — quick!

Bryanboy sheer pants, duerr cardigan, shorts, marc jacobs gladiator boots, chanel sunglasses, bag, derby bowler hat

Uhh why do my knees look like doorknobs? Pictionary and Faggotry in Motion coming up. What do you think?


  1. Your picture here looks like you’re sick, as if you have tuberculosis!
    And very malnourished! Do you want some food donations? What’s your billing address so we could deliver the food and hope you get enough nutrients!
    Hope there’s still some friends who wants to hug you!

  2. teka, i think either you’ve got the wrong shoes (something pointed or with heels i suppose would look better) for them pants, or you’ve got the wrong pants (should be tights, not pants) for them white fabulous shoes
    but don’t get me wrong — your attitude as usual is perfection!

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