Gemma Ward in Louis Vuitton

Written By bryanboy

Gemma Ward in Louis Vuitton

Gemma, oh my dear Gemma. Why did you let yourself go? Spotted at the recent Marie Claire party in Spain…

Gemma Ward Marie Claire Party in Spain 2007

Click click click!

Gemma Ward Marie Claire Party in Spain 2007

Gemma Ward Marie Claire Party in Spain 2007

I think she’s finally showing signs that she’s turning into a real Australian lady. Born and bred Australian, where kangaroos and cattle go hand in hand together. Wait… is that Australia or New Zealand? Bah, it’s all the same to me!! Just kidding. LOL. Isn’t Gemma Ward like really young anyway? In any case, homegirl worked hard for the money and she’s entitled to eat. I think she’s still beautiful and very womanly. Oh well. Catherine McNeil, you’re next on the plumpification line!

Isn’t it funny how Naomi Campbell, who’s thrice the age of Gemma, is the most fabulous of them all? Elle looks like a drag queen.

Naomi Campbell Marie Claire Party in Spain 2007

Old Gemma in Anna Molinari, Fall/Winter 2004. Personally, I prefer the old Gemma but the new Gemma is still cool and beautiful.

Gemma Ward, Anna Molinari

Whatevs. Hahahaha!


  1. she looks like a mother of 4. i never found her anywhere pretty anyway, she looks like a bush animal with those perpetual deer-in-the-headlights expression.

  2. what happened to this kid? now she looks like britney spears post- motherhood and breakdown. how does naomi do it anyway, at her age? never ever got anorexic-looking and never ever went near fat?

  3. omg
    she ate and she ate a little too much.
    which is alright. she made her millions and technically, she doesn’t need to work

  4. what happened to gemma?

    omg she’s gone FAT!!!
    well…not fat fat…u know what i mean

  5. duh, she’s filling out ‘coz she’s becoming a woman. a healthy one at that. psh. she still looks better than most, PHOTOSHOPPED, model wannabes.

  6. and naturally you posted the less flattering picture.. she looks slimmer in the other one (i’m not talking about the emaciated pic on the bottom).

  7. graetchen

    gemma looks ok now, but very average. her old, thinner look was much more striking, like a doll or a fairy, and it didn’t look unhealthy either (as far as i know, she was naturally skinny). well bryanboy, maybe she’ll get back to her skinny alien babydoll days.

  8. She is the type of Ozzi girls that get big on their torsos faster than their legs. The other way around is girls that get fat bottom halves and skinny tops.

  9. i read from one of her friends at tfs that gemma’s depressed about her weight. apparently she’s barely eating, she smokes a lot and drinks a lot.
    poor girl. she’s a star in her own right and she was the ‘next’ big model after daria…

  10. naturally, the fat and normal lot love her fat and normal look. yuck. when i have my 10th child i can be fat and normal – but not before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people who like her sloppy look are those who are jealous of the perfect models, so they root for ‘normal’.

  11. maybe it’s the dress and the unflattering angles of the photo? and the way the pic was taken with her chin tilting upwards makes her face look wide. i personally think it’s just the wrong angles of the photo.

  12. Gemma is absoultly
    Gorgeous! This a very young superstar.
    To bad she smokes. I don’t date girls who smoke.

  13. whoever thinks she looks fat or has been eating to much are ridiculous- she’s still skinnier than most of us anyway. she was young and extremely skinny when she first came out now her body has now developed to something more womanly- however still uber thin!

  14. gemma ward is absolutely gorgeous – i don’t know how anyone could look at these photos and think she’s fat! not even a celebrity would be called fat for looking like this – but because gemma doesn’t look emaciated anymore people are calling her fat!
    she is still very skinny/slim by normal standards – just not by unhealthy fashion standards – and i think she looks far more beautiful now than she did before

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