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It’s 8:17AM. I got up about 12 hours ago — 8PM last night.

I’m supposed to go back to sleep because I have so many things to do this afternoon. I’m gonna get a haircut… I’m gonna buy a few things… I’m going out later tonight… and when I get home, I’m gonna work on my article that’s due first thing tomorrow morning.

Of all the things that could happen, I can’t for the life of god find my good ol’ black boots. I spent the past 2 hours looking for it and for some strange reason, it vanished. This is killing me! I don’t know where I put it and it’s definitely not in my closet. I checked under the bed, I checked in my office area, I checked my ‘storage’ area. I even checked my car. I just couldn’t find it. I NEED THOSE GOD DAMN BOOTS.


Update: 8:30AM – Found em! There is a god.

The question is… should I sleep (and wake up in 4 hours) or should I write my article now, stay up and then sleep later? I’m gonna watch a movie with a friend and god forbid I fall asleep in the cinemas.


  1. I think you should write article right now and sleep after you’re done so by the time you wake up you wont have to worry about it so u can run your errands and go out .

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