Faggotry in Motion #20: Shants

Written By bryanboy

Faggotry in Motion #20: Shants

Karl Lagerfeld I am not. I should’ve worn a more structured black something something on top of the white shirt instead of a black flowy flowy cardigan because we all know Karl is severe when it comes to his label but whatevs. LOL. Here’s a little clip of me doing what I do best: mince around town and burn my lungs. I took my gool ol’ sheer pants aka shants and my marc jacobs gladiator boots out for a spin whilst running some errands earlier. It’s quarter to midnight and I’ve been up since 8AM today. I’ve slept for only 4 hours! My head is spinning but whatevs. Busy, busy bee!

It’s funny how I deliberately walked past Starbucks where there’s lots of people but for some strange reason, no one stared at me. Bah. Damn ho bags are probably blind. It’s strange cause I walked past a restaurant before that and EVERYONE looked at me which is good because I love attention and I love it when people gawk and stare at me. Oh well, maybe it’s because that branch of Starbucks is having some sort of a blind person convention? Oh well. Anyway, if I can wear sheer pants why can’t you? We all know I’m not the prettiest bird in the flock but hella I wore mine with pride. I think you should, too. SHEER PANTS AKA SHANTS ARE FOR EVERYBODY!

Pictionary to follow.


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