Duerr Manila

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Duerr Manila

Last week whilst running some errands, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely ladies behind Duerr, a new clothing label based here in the glorious third world. I found them online when I did my usual round of late-night browsing: one site led to another and another and another, you know how it goes.

Click click click!

Duerr doesn’t have a shop (as of now) and they do most of their sales on their website and through consignment in select places in Manila. To my knowledge, they ship anywhere in Manila and I think they can also ship overseas as long as you pay via Paypal. Best to check with them directly.

Duerr Manila dress

Anyway, I popped by one of the designer’s gracious home where they keep the clothes. Don’t you just love shopping with no peasant whores around? Just kidding. Ahhh the benefits of being a  Z-list celebrity hahhaa. NOT!! It’s always nice meeting new folk and we also had a little bit of chit chat here and there. Cool cool cool.

Their pieces are really nice, versatile, easy on the eye, nothing too heavy or too embellished and very well-thought out. Also, the fabrics are super soft and lightweight. I saw lots of gorgeous dresses, especially the printed ones (those are absolutely nice), but we all know I don’t wear dresses. Shame eh?

I really LOVE the black and white printed dress (see below). I envisioned myself in that thing except mine has sleeves and a round collar, almost like an oversized tee with a pair of shorts on. You can’t see much but trust me, it looks a heck of a lot better in person. The picture does not give it justice at all. Ugh.

Duerr Manila

I’m sorry for the crappy photos. My hands were literally shaking and
I went berserk cause I really LOVE a lot of their pieces. It’s hard to
focus on what to get when there’s so many things that I like!!! The
next time I see their clothes I’ll take more/better photos.

Duerr Manila

These two-tone racerback vests are also lovely. Again, it’s soo soft
it almost feels like super lightweight cashmere knit. I didn’t buy them
because I’m fat, I no longer wear anything sleeveless (haven’t you
noticed? when was the last time I wore sleeveless) and I’m too
conscious about myself so there. As soon as I lose 30 pounds I’ll wear
things like this again.

Duerr Manila

Most of the items on their site are already sold out because they produce their pieces in limited quantities. They’re gonna come out with a new collection though and I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Duerr Manila dress

It’s funny cause all I wanted was a tee and cardigan and I ended up with 7 pieces total.

– Black cardigan
– Black tee
– Black shorts
– Brown belt
– Gray batwing oversized cardigan
– Striped button-down shirt
– White top with black sleeves
– Another black cardigan

I’ll take pictures of my loot when I’m wearing them.


I love Duerr!

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  1. Mr.Vanali

    Clothes look nice,the Gray batwing oversized cardigan is great. But i gotta tell you the editing/retouches is very «bas de gamme»

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