Connect the dots

Written By bryanboy

Connect the dots

Connect the dots, quick!

Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton

Faggotry in Motion coming up… ;)

PS. Marc Jacobs, I love you. Please adopt me and make me your muse. Think Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Amanda Harlech.


  1. m e s s y

    it’s certainly fagulous. although, don’t you think it would be better if you had the actual pieces from the collection? not like wear each specific look but get inspired by them and create a look all your own. otherwise don’t you think it’s a tad cheap looking and not at all chic?
    and what is up with look# 2?!! it’s like you’re a lifesavers candy roll wearing a necklace out of potato chips!!! back to the drawing board miss.

  2. messy
    do they have spring 2008 lv/marc in stores now?
    the answer NO.
    common sense. they only showed in paris 2-2.5 months ago and i need to make a vid about marc RIGHT NOW from when he was a fatty down to his spring 08 collection.
    ps. as for the necklace, maybe you should ask marc by marc what that is. he made it.
    can you identify the rest of the marc, marc by marc and lv pieces on the photos above (from their old collections)

  3. m e s s y

    no b, sorry i don’t wear louis or marc anything, the sizing is too big! look 1 and 3 are fine.. i don’t see the connection though. however look 2 is just terribly executed, is all i meant.

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