"But… I was a cheerleader!"

Written By bryanboy

"But… I’m I was a cheerleader!"

The hair. The pom poms. The shorts.

Bryanboy Colegio San Agustin Cheerleader

Hideous. Just hideous.


  1. csa binan/southwoods and NOT makati. i don’t know why people think i went to makati when i’m from the south lol

  2. i knew it!!we were schoolmates bb!!i love it!!haha!!=D was this during field demos?haha!!=D omg!!i love it bb!!=P

  3. hahaha…been there, done that! cant remember what event that was though. oohh..twas field day at CSA! good times eh?

  4. hahahahaha how cute, it think by the look of the photo — you are an 80’s kid hehe — magtapat na ng totoong edad!

  5. This is the cutest pic of u i’ve ever seen..im a frequent reader of ur blog. when i saw that pom pom pic, it was just HILLARIOUS but utterly CUTE at the same time..fabulous.

  6. omg, that’s the csa binan oval! haha! nice to know that youre an agustinian, too bryan! i love u more for that! haha nag field demo ka din!

  7. lester

    haha..schoolmate! the pic was a rehash of field demo days..just can’t believe. what batch were you then?

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