Bryanboy is scared of…

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy is scared of…

I made a list.


Do you ever look at your reflection on the mirror late at night and wonder how different you look now compared to, like, 10 years ago… and then you get worried how you’re gonna look like 10 years from now? I’m soo scared. I mean really. For the first time in my life I actually feel changes in my body. As in real changes. It’s not puberty, no, no, it’s more like a "god I’m SO old" feeling. My metabolism slowed down, my skin is dry, I have the odd line here and there, etc etc etc. It’s driving me insane.

Sooo… do you ever get that feeling? Go grab a mirror and take one LOOOONNNNNGG good look at your body from head to toe, starting at your face.

Tell me what you think. I would like to hear from those of you out there in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and geriatrics. When did you get that "I’m old" feeling and how did you deal with it?


  1. wash away those fears BB, haven’t you heard of BOTOX and VIAGRA? they’re all ya need ;)

  2. Oh please. I’m 21 years old and I’ve been worried shit about that already. The last time I felt I was really young was when this club door bitch asked for my ID.
    One thing’s for sure though. Bryanboy you’re just fine. Really.

  3. when I gained some weight I noticed that when you’re fat you look older idk why but it hit me hard :( and I’m only 24 .

  4. BB, I know you are tired of hearing “what’s essential is invisible to the eye”, but it’s true! You don’t post your pictures everyday but you are still fab to me. Fat or old, it doesn’t matter girl, you are BB!

  5. Hi Bryan baby. I know how you feel–those worries go through my mind daily! I think it’s worse for us gays. I started to feel old when I hit 25, but I think it was a mental thing. I started to physically feel old when I hit 30 because I noticed a very sudden change in my metabolism. Things accumulated quicker and the pounds became more bitchy and stubborn. Around 31 I started seeing more noticeable dark circles around my eyes and this year (32) I have had paranoia about my face not feeling quite as firm as it used to (I hope it’s JUST paranoia). Thank Christ I tend to have oily skin though so I have yet to see a line. Not smoking prolly helps too.

  6. shut up BB. i’m 26 going on 27 and let me tell you, these are my BEST years. i’ve never felt better about myself and you’ll feel that way too when you finally get here! :)

  7. BrazodeMercedes

    I don’t recall when I started feeling old.But when I look at my pictures when I was in college and early 20s, I will have to say I do look better now. I am 29 BTW. We all gain confidence over the years. We start to mature, accept ourselves and love our bodies. And when we do it shows. It’s not defined by the number of lines on your face or the extra pounds :)
    And BB you look good! Why worry about the future. That’s like another 18 yrs. THAT will really give you wrinkles :)

  8. I look at it this way : at least we are on this side of the ground baby!!!
    It is hard to go against aging for all of us..but you are doing it better than most!!

  9. I look at it this way : at least we are on this side of the ground baby!!!
    It is hard to go against aging for all of us..but you are doing it better than most!!

  10. Castor di Bellacosa

    Darling, when I feel like that I just make a point of spending time in the company of straight men. It’s time better spent than at a spa. Really. Don’t spend too much time in the shallow end of the pool; kids pee there.
    Watch a rose as the bud opens and blooms. I’m at the age now where the flower should be pressed in a large book! However, the carnations and lillies withered long before I did. Laugh, that’s all you can do:)

  11. i freaked out at 28 when i started getting pouch belly and at 34 when i started having hints of laughlines, now that i’m 35 i discovered 2 strands of white hair! my waistline grew from 23 inches (without dieting) in my teens and early 20’s, to having to limit carbs intake by late 20’s so I can fit into my jeans!
    …and then again I look at Janice Dickinson/Teri Hatcher and decided that growing old gracefully like Audrey Hepburn, Lee Radziwill or Jackie Kennedy Onassis is really the way to go.

  12. miz bryan,
    perish the fear, one is only as old as one feels! am pushing into my 40’s in a coupla years but i tell ya sister, i’ve never looked better and felt better. screw gravity! besides, haven’t you heard? thirty is the new twenty.:-)

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