Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 4!

Written By bryanboy

Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4!

I haven’t updated Fashvids in quite awhile so I’m looking for videos etc. Lookie lookie at what I found — Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Tryouts!

Keep an eye out for that girl from North Africa or god knows where. I think she totally lost the plot. When the guy asked her why she wants to be a model, homegirl said something like modeling will give her the ability to change the world. Right. What a brilliantly executed canned answer. When you’re busy running around doing castings and photoshoots, hopping from one show to the next, and trying to decide whether you should have a tablespoon of raisins or a packet of marlboros for lunch, changing the world is the last thing on your mind. Repeat after me: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MODEL TO CHANGE THE WORLD. HELLA LOOK AT ME. HELLAWWW? I’m doing my share to the human race and I’m no skinny tall bitch.

So Bryanboy, why do you want to be a model?

Me: Well… ummm… I love attention and I want people to like, look at me like, all the time, in videos, billboards, stores and fashion magazines. Can you imagine the furor and the envy from people when they see a huge ass billboard of my plump brown arse in the city? I also want to like, travel all the time and meet lots of like, hot boys and have sex with like, lots of male models. I also love fashion and I want to wear lots of like beautiful clothes and lots of high heels and like, OMG, Chanel, I love Chanel. I also want to meet all the fashion powers that be. Oh did I mention I love fashion? Yeah.

Do I make good reality TV or what?

I say gas them all !!!! Just kidding. Australia’s Next Top Model is the BEST amongst the NTM series. They make America’s NTM look all amateur etc. Don’t even get me started with Philippines’ NTM which turned out to be the biggest television flop in the history of the third world. I’ve seen clips on YouTube and to this date, I still have emotional scars. I seriously feel bad to whoever bought the rights because nobody watched that show other than the people in it. Get a refund from Tyra! LOL.


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