Attention-Hogging is an art form.

Written By bryanboy

Attention-Hogging is an art form.

Are you keeping track of all the entries on this year’s gay bloggies? Well, the first challenge is up and all 12 bloggers were asked to confess something they’ve never written on their blogs. The ones who don’t know any better are going to be surprised on what I wrote on my latest entry.

Bryanboy attention whore

Remember to vote for me by clicking the "thumbs up" button found at the bottom of every single one of MY blog entries. I need your votes! Competition is tough and all those gays on that site are pests. Winning validates my existence and let’s face it, it hurts being a loser. In any case, I’m a nice person so I’m not gonna ask you to "thumb down" THEIR entries (I think it’s silly) but hey, if you want to do it then who am I to stop you doing things for MY BENEFIT. Hahahhhaha!

The most important thing is that you thumb me up — and always do so — whenever I post a NEW blog entry there. Finalists are going to be eliminated one by one ala Survivor-style and with your help, I want to make sure I’m the last woman standing. Tell your friends! Tell your family members! Tell everyone you know! Thank you thank you thank you!

I love you all! Team Bryanboy!


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