Asia is the new "Out of Africa"!!!

Written By bryanboy

Asia is the new "Out of Africa"!!!

I love Vogue Russia. I really do. In fact, a lot of their covers are so much better than the boring, predictable polly, celebrity-infested covers of the usual American mag rag. I also think their editorials are absolutely stunning. It’s a shame we don’t have Vogue Russia in the third world otherwise I would religiously buy their issues and keep it them archived. Printing scans (from the internet) on glossy paper is not quite the real deal. Anyhoo, I thoroughly enjoyed this fashion editorial from the April 2007 issue. Three things immediately came to mind when I saw some of the pictures.

1) Celebrity Culture
2) It really sucks to be "normal" and I feel terrible for people who try so hard to be normal… or people who want to "blend in" in the sea of sameness.
3) Asia is the new "Out of Africa"!!! You know how like twice or thrice a year, British/American Vogue or what have you, go on a wild expedition somewhere in Africa and take pictures of a white person in haute couture and million-dollar jewels whilst being surrounded by tribe people in their beads, spears and primitiveness? Well, take out the beads and replace them with fake fur, take out the spears and replace them with digital cameras and shove typical Asian consumerism in the picture and what do you get???

Vogue Russia April 2007, Diana Moldovan

Vogue Russia April 2007, Diana Moldovan

Ching ching ching! Click click click for more beautiful photos!

I don’t know about you but Vogue Russia deserves some sort of Lifetime Achievement Award for putting as many Asians in the pages of Vogue as possible. HAHAHHAHAHA!

This photo, I think, is definitely fierce. I have this picture as my desktop wallpaper.

Vogue Russia April 2007, Diana Moldovan

Vogue Russia April 2007, Diana Moldovan

Vogue Russia April 2007, Diana Moldovan

Vogue Russia April 2007, Diana Moldovan

I love it!! I really do.

Forget about race… see how she really stood out amongst the sea of ‘normalcy’?

Well, I don’t know about you but I think the photos are definitely inspirational. It’s motivational enough to you know, be different to the rest of the pack. Would you rather be just like everyone else or would you rather go against the grain and be your own?

Answers on a Keira Knightley postcard. ;)

Vogue, Keira Knightley


  1. photos are fierce!
    yeah, normal/average is boring.
    when someone commented on my blog, telling me that he used to read my blog because he thought I was “an average gay guy” and that now he was disappointed in me because he thinks I’m crazy, I took offense–not because he thinks I’m crazy, but because I don’t think of myself as “average”.
    honestly, I was more offended with that than you making fun of my picture. that was hilarious.

  2. russians possess really one of the fiercest “character” in the world, just an impression. and the faces, lotsa soul in there — whoa, think gorbachev, that russian model natalia vodianova and even, v. putin, definitely not your run-of-the- mill politician

  3. tart fuel

    How is this editorial racist?
    I like it a lot though. Tsk now I wish I understood Russian (to add Italian and French) to be able to read Russian Vogue.

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