YSL. The Belt. The Boots.

I know I said no more logo-a-gogo but the folks over at Yves Saint Laurent emailed me some promotional chu chu bells yesterday about their new online store. Two things caught my eye — the logomania logo buckle belt that the lovely Raquel Zimmermann wore on a recent Vogue Paris editorial and these gorgeous black "Ascot" boots. I bought so much crap on eBay in the past 24 hours from derby hats to spiked bracelets (don’t ask). Ugh.

Yves Saint Laurent

The belt is quite affordable at US$395 a pop whereas the women’s boots are something else — a pricey US$995. It’s not too bad considering I bought 2 pairs of their men’s Johnny boot (with the monk straps and heels) like ages ago they practically became my favourite boot and I’ve worn them for a good couple of years until both pairs are chipped. It’s sad that they don’t make them anymore and all new versions of the Johnny boot aren’t… well, it’s just not the same. I’m gonna buy a pair of fall boots so I’m shopping around. So far this pair…
and the Miu Miu biker boots ($895) I saw from not too long ago are nice.

YSL’s online shop only caters to USA residents so I can’t buy these online. It’s sad that the Yves Saint Laurent store in good ol’ Manila closed shop earlier this year (it shows how third world we truly are haha) but I don’t blame them. Most of their in-season pieces ALWAYS arrive late, their (often poor) selection is wayyy overpriced compared to other YSL outlets around the world and they only put items on "sale" after a year or two (FOR REAL)… with what, a mere 10… or 20% (if you’re lucky) discount? No wonder goods don’t move fast and third world buyers go somewhere else to shop. In any case,  I doubt the Manila ex-store would carry these boots… or the belt anyway. Alec… or will anyone in Paris please find out how much the belt and the boots are? +33-01-4265-745. I’m gonna call HK tomorrow and see if they’re available. I’m a size 41!