Wallpaper* Magazine's $55,700 In Style Ad

Written By bryanboy

Wallpaper* Magazine’s $55,700 In Style Ad

Sorry, can’t resist. Does Tyler Brule (sorry Tyler but I have a third world keyboard incapable of those fancy schmancy characters you have in your name) know about all this? You know what they say — desperate times, desperate measures. There’s money in the masses and the best way to get the attention of masa is by going through the good ol’ celeb route. So tell me, why is Wallpaper*, (if you’re old, like me, then you’ll know what wallpaper* is) advertising at In Style Magazine? Why are they courting the celeb-obsessed pack? Isn’t that like wrong wrong wrong? Ladies… meet Wallpaper* Magazine’s $55,700 1/3 page vertical ad on the October issue of In Style.

wallpaper* magazine

In Style?


  1. I can see why they did it. They’re targeting women–the people most likely to purchase wallpaper for their home. And according to Vogue Home, wallpaper is making a comeback.

  2. I think Wallpaper has lost its “cutting edge” when its creator (Mr. Tyler Brule, sorry not sure of the spelling) bailed out a few years ago and since has been a lackluster publication eversince. plus ive been saving around Php700.00 buying that mediocre magazine. Unfortunately, wallpaper is not exciting as it used to be (especially when it was not available in Manila then)

  3. Wallpaper* is just not the same when Mr Brûlé left. it was my ultimate fave magazine, now i don’t buy it anymore. too depressing. thank God for his new Monocle magazine.

  4. Calm down. Wallpaper, like “In Style”, is a brand of Time Inc., so it is pretty clear that the ad is complimentary and no 55.700 Dollars have been paid.

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